A Workshop on Workshops | Lab651 at IoTFuse 2020

We are excited to share what we know at IoTFuse 2020 with our Workshop; Using Customer-Driven Innovation To Solve Your Biggest IoT Challenges

Our Mission: We help companies decrease costs, open new revenue streams, and improve the experience with their customers. By developing devices and software that generate and manage data, we make new things possible.

IoTFuse 2020, April 14-16 | Minneapolis Convention Center


noun: a meeting at which a group of people engage in intensive discussion and activity on a particular subject or project.

At Lab651 our process is rooted in our 3-2-1 Launch! workshop. We believe that the success of a product or service depends on a fully defined roadmap that the team created together.

At IoTFuse, many executives and engineers gather to learn about IoT and how they will begin to implement an IoT strategy into their company. That’s why Lab651 co-founder, Justin Grammens, and ILT Studios’ Nick Tietz are taking the fundamentals of workshops to IoTFuse.

Using Customer-Driven Innovation to Solve Your Biggest IoT Challenges

During this workshop, Justin and Nick will teach you customer-driven innovation methods and help you to push your bold IoT product ideas through an interactive class experience.

You will learn and practice the processes and techniques to define an idea’s core problem, solution, customer, iterate, and then refine potential opportunities surrounding that idea. Most good ideas do not come fully formed. Even the best ideas need to be iterated, explored, and refined before they have a chance of becoming great business ideas.

What most people don’t tell you is that there is a process that can be taught and practiced to sharpen an idea — taking it from good, to better, and then to great.

By the end end of this workshop, you will have a “one-pager” that clearly articulates the concept, a rough sketch of how the system will work and function, clear insights and opportunities it will address and what you hope to learn through your prototype.

The audience for this workshop would be mainly product/marketing/engineering managers, c-suite, entrepreneurs and anyone who is trying to better understand their customers before they start prototyping. This is a very versatile framework and the tools learned can be applied to any new product or feature you might be building today or in the future.

Lab651 takes a scientific and measured approach to building products.

If you have a specific challenge or need help in solidifying your product definition, please bring them! This session will be very interactive and conversational as we share with you the tools and clear of bringing your IoT product to a place where it’s ready to be prototyped.

Tickets for our Workshop

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We hope to see you there!