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We help companies decrease costs, open new revenue streams, and improve the experience with their customers. By developing devices and software that generate and manage data, we make new things possible.

Upgrading your Machines

We believe that providing better customer experience and value should be the main priority of your business. This is the foundation of why we believe you should update and connect your industrial machines; for better customer experience.

The First Step

Remember, always start the process with a business use case. We help our customers define their business use case before starting a project during our Discovery phase.

Connecting with Lab651 in our Discovery Workshops is a great way to get your project road mapped and strategized.

High-value asset tracking

By connecting your machines and equipment out in the field, like semi-trucks, trailers or construction equipment, you’ll have visibility into the engine run time, maintenance schedules, locations and more. The visibility into your high-value assets means you can monitor employee usage and deter theft. Additionally, with GPS location and engine hours, your business can bill more accurately and give your customers insights into where their shipment is.

This could also be applied to your business’ manufacturing processes. As the demand for your product rises, your process needs to be fluid and efficient. As you connect your manufacturing process, your entire business team can make better business decisions. Your marketing and sales team and your engineering team can analyze the data from your manufacturing process and make decisions to impact the customer. “…when all of these teams have easy access to aggregated data, they can look at the big picture, spot trends, and patterns, and increase their understanding of how customers are using your products—all of which will enable you to stay one step ahead of the next shift in demand.”

Inventory Management

Inventory management could easily be compared to asset tracking during the manufacturing process. When it comes to your business and your customers, inventory management could make a huge improvement. Imagine owning a retail store, like a shoe store for example, and knowing what shoes customers are requesting, the sizes, if they’re purchased or returned back to inventory.

Take this data to your team and make better ordering and marketing decisions – giving your customers what they want.

Condition monitoring

Understand the conditions around your product for timely decisions. Managing your moving products with visibility into the environmental conditions they’re exposed to means you can protect your product from damaging conditions. This will save you money and build a better rapport with your customers by delivering only the best products.

This could also apply to sensors that would let you know whether your shipping containers have been tampered with. By using light or vibration sensors, you could have stronger visibility into your logistics.Logistic tracking

Access control

More commonly referred to as physical security systems – these building upgrades would provide you, your business and your employees with more security. Whether it’s knowing who’s coming or going from your business, or giving your customers and employees an easy way to access your building, the data can be valuable.

For example, hotels are beginning to enhance their hospitality experiences by upgrading their lock systems for their guests. In addition to the increased visibility, you will now have a security system, you can connect with your customers on a new level. For example, to unlock a door, the customer must download your business’ app. Now you have a new way to connect and engage with your customers and provide a better experience.

Customer Insights/Experience

Ultimately, the decisions you make for your business should be rooted in ROI and better customer experience.

Customer ExperienceBy upgrading your manufacturing floor for a more effective and efficient workplace or giving your customers a new way to access your business means you have a new way to engage with your customers and vice versa.

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