Who We Are

At Our Core




We are and hire good people.  We want to do business with good people.  Up-front and transparent, we will always be honest and forthright in all of our interactions and expect the same in return.

Lab651 was born out of curiosity.  We are inherently inquisitive. Our team thinks about your project in the shower!  We value "do-different" thinking and collaborate with you to help you not only implement your vision, but give you "if-then" options, born from curiosity, to help your vision be its best.

We recruit carefully. We value and model accountability. Engineers from Lab651 have the same commitment to your project as they would to our projects.  They are engaged, on-time and collaborative contributors to your success.

Giving Back and Community

Each year, Lab651 invests time, energy and resources in socially responsible ways.  Through donations, community service, education and mentoring, we are committed to having a positive impact on real people worldwide and in our back yard.

Teams Directory

Sam Moss
Software Engineer

Renna Hintermeister
Quality Assurance Test Engineer

Josef Mendez
Technical Project Manager

Justin Grammens
Founder + CEO

Scott Elhardt

Jerry Phillips
Software Engineer

Adeel Ahmad
Software Engineer

Louis Naber
Software Engineer

Drew Inman
Software Engineer

Rogers George
Software Engineer

Kevin Skrei
Software Engineer

Emily Bruss
Digital Marketing Strategist

Todd Cochran
Software Architect

Ryan Inman
Software Engineer

Mark Dalton
Software Engineer

Lilly Seay
Software Engineer