5 Things to Talk About With an Engineering Partner

When you decide to take on a business transformation, like implementing an IoT strategy, you’ll likely meet and want to partner with an engineering firm to start your project’s roadmap.

Here are some things that they’ll need to know in order to fully understand every component of your project and engineer the best solution possible for today and what’s ahead in the future.


When did you identify this challenge and opportunity?
  • Knowing when and how the problem became a pain point can help customize the solution.
What do you currently spend now on this challenge or need?
  • By identifying the price tag along with the problem, you can more easily calculate whether an IoT solution will result in a return on investment (ROI).
    • What is the ROI you’re hoping to see from the solution?
    • How might you measure it?
How much would it cost to build the system by using your internal team?
Has a budget range been identified and set in place for this project?
  • One of the most important factors in your decision making is whether or not you have a budget in place. Going into a meeting with engineering partners with a budget in mind will only speed up the process and keep everyone on the same page.
Are there any upcoming events/deadlines that you’d like to have a solution in place by?
  • The right engineering partner will create a project roadmap with your deadlines in place. Coming to an initial meeting with your deadline in place will only help keep the project expectations on track.

One of our first meetings with clients is to introduce them to our 3-2-1 Launch! Process. We help you focus on figuring out not only the right thing to build, but also to determine the value proposition and features your customers want.