Welcome to the Team | Renna Hintermeister

Introducing a new member of the Lab651 team, Renna Hintermeister.

Renna is our quality assurance tester with a strong passion for learning – she’s a great addition to the team! You may have seen her SciTech Internship Program write up. She has also written two blog posts while learning Particle Photon (part 1 & part 2)

We asked Renna to share a few things about himself, check it out!

  1. What movie can you watch over and over again?
    The How to Train Your Dragon trilogy, specifically the 1st and 2nd movie. Absolutely my favorite movie(s) to watch.
  2. What’s your favorite childhood board game?
    I played Settlers of Catan growing up with my family – very fun game.
  3. If you could take a year off from work or school, what would you do?
    Travel. My family vacations every once in a while, and I’d love to see more.

    New Team Member, Renna

  4. What was your favorite childhood cartoon?
    Avatar the Last Airbender. Brilliant show.
  5. What’s the bravest thing you’ve ever done?
    A week ago there was someone at my school saying truly hateful things, and instead of standing by, I stood up for what I believe in and defended the people they were disparaging.
  6. What’s your favorite way to relax?
    Rewatching a tv show
  7. What is a slogan that describes you or your values?
    I can respect your opinion, as long as your opinion does not disrespect someone’s existence.
  8. What is something — a food or activity — that you tried reluctantly, and it turns out you like it?
    Sushi! I didn’t think I’d like it at first but I do quite enjoy it.
  9. What is your position at Lab651 and what do you most like about working here?
    I love the variety of things I get to do – even within my branch as a tester. There are some where I’m super involved with a developer, others where I’m testing a finished product, and I just enjoy being able to learn as I go.