Welcome to the team | Mike Simone

Introducing a new member of the Lab651 team, Mike Simone! We’re excited to have Mike on board as a software engineer.

Get to know Mike:

  1.  If you could eliminate one thing from your daily routine, what would it be and why?

    Definitely sleeping. I’d get so much more done every day and have time to do everything I wish I had more free time for.

  2. What song or album could you listen to on repeat?

    El Camino by The Black Keys.

  3. If you could pick up a new skill in an instant, what would it be?

    I’d have to say woodworking. Being able to build things to my exact vision would be an awesome skill to have.

  4. What are you reading right now?

    I don’t read very often. Unless news articles and posts on Hackaday count.

  5. What is the best compliment you’ve received?

    A compliment that stuck with me and has motivated me was when I was told that I “looked disciplined” while working out at the gym.

  6. What personal passion project are you working on right now?

    I’m not quite sure it counts as a project, but learning to get better at golf has been a pretty big focus of mine the past few months. Between improving my swing and learning to hit the ball more consistently I’ve been practicing that more than anything else in particular.

  7. In what ways do you consider yourself fortunate?

    I’m surrounded by some great friends and family, and have just about everything I could ever need.

  8. Would you rather sit through a Star Wars marathon or a Lord of the Rings marathon?

    Star Wars hands down. I’m a huge fan of sci-fi in general, but I was raised on Star Wars so it has a special spot in my life (Han shot first).

  9. What is your current position at Lab651 and what do you look forward to most about working here?

    I’m a software engineer. I’m most looking forward to meeting new people while building some fun projects.