Welcome to the Team | Michael DeLong | Director of Sales

We are so excited to introduce one of our newest members of the team, Michael DeLong.

Michael will be fulfilling the Director of Sales role at Lab651.

Here are some fun facts about Michael:

Michael DeLong, Director of Sales

Michael and his wife at a Minnesota United FC game

1 / What was your very first job? Dishwasher/salad bar attendee/busboy at Bonanza Restaurant at 14


2 / If you could pick up a new skill in an instant, what would it be? To be fluent in another language


3 / What’s your favorite family tradition? Christmas Eve when my family exchanges gifts between siblings and we make a feast for dinner


4 / What’s your favorite breakfast cereal? I don’t eat a lot of cereal, but a big bowl of Cinnamon Life would be amazing right now!


5 / If you had to delete all but three apps from your smartphone, which ones would you keep? Apple Music, Bible, and YouTube


6 / What’s your favorite thing to do on an MN summer weekend? Play soccer, or go find an amazing patio with some games


7 / What are you most looking forward to working at Lab651? I am excited to grow personally and professionally through learning new technologies and working in such a creative environment. This is an amazing opportunity and I am eager to really dig in and contribute!

We’re thrilled to have you a part of the team, Michael!