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"We didn’t do anything wrong, but somehow, we lost"

CEO of Nokia

The tale of Nokia tells a story of what happens when you stagnate. Nokia themselves didn’t necessarily do anything wrong, however their market changed and they didn’t change with it. Nokia was the leader in the smart phone industry for a decade, but major disruption in business models due to platforms, ecosystems and applications were their demise. The message of this story is, if you don't keep your business and employees up to date on emerging technology, you will be removed from the competition.

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History tells us that the advantages you have today will be replaced by innovation tomorrow. Modern sensors, wireless communication, and mobile technologies increase the ability at which we can view the world around us. Businesses models are being transformed based on the data we see in the field. Everything from data on manufacturing, performance, and uptime by remote assets in the field and consumers who are using your products.

Engineers at Lab651 have been in the digital change business for decades. We’ve helped hundreds of companies change the way they look at their core business through data monetization and innovation. We are prepared to share our experience in an effort to help you make better business decisions based on new sensor technology, connectivity and real-time data science.

The team at Lab651 is offering three courses for your organization based on the level of details that you require. If you are interested in more information, send an email to or reach out on our contact page.

"Thank you very much for yesterday’s presentation. It has been touted as the most honest talk yet and a must see!"

Rolls-Royce Corporation

Skimming the Surface

Audience: Your Executive Leadership Team

This introductory course sets the stage. It begins with a conversation with your leadership teams to learn about your business and share our industry experience. We will share our personal journey through the Internet of Things and the Industrial Internet. High-level topics include how we’ve witnessed and built smart IoT based systems that revolutionized the way companies decrease costs, increase revenues and open entirely new revenue streams.

Duration: 2 hours

Output: Presentation & slides covering our experience

Location: Your place of business or the Lab651 offices

The Art of What’s Possible

Audience: Managers and Technical Architects

This session will cover all topics from “Skimming the Surface”, but additionally outputs a custom strategic roadmap. We will dive into potential issues you are seeing and how technology is able to overcome specific challenges, pulling from past experience. We will also discuss revenue opportunities that you may or may not know you have. 

We’ll highlight a chosen use case with a rough order of magnitude on what implementing a minimum viable solution for the chosen use case. We will produce a rough architecture document for what a connected solution looks like for your business and help you calculate return on your investment.

Duration: 6 hours

Output: High-level business use case and proposal of costs

Location: Your place of business or the Lab651 offices

Technical Deep Dive

Audience: Engineers

The course is a deep dive into what it takes to design and build a successful IoT solution. Our team at Lab651 will work to help train your team on what’s required to build a minimum viable product that addresses a business problem or opportunity.

The output of this course entails gathering data from the physical world in real-time with visualizations in the cloud. Time permitting, we will explore the Data Science beyond just the data that we are collecting and set your team up for success.

Duration: 3 days

Location: Your place of business or the Lab651 offices

Our Environment Instills Creativity

Our offices are in a building that contain a VR parlor, a glass blowing company, painters, sculptors, theater and a brewery among other things. These all provide a creative and unique work environment to help you be as creative as you can be.

It's been our experience that some of clients prefer to get off-site for these classes. Call it "leaving your 4 walls" or "getting a different perspective", but for employees that are in large corporations it can be hard to think different if they aren't in different environment. We have a large conference room that can be configured classroom style to allow for you and your team to join us for multiple days. We'll order in food (complementary) for you and your staff and the days that you are with us can be used to explore and build camaraderie and instill teamwork across all levels of your organization.

"Thank you for keynoting the Minnesota School of Law Symposium. Your presentation was wonderful and received well."

University of Minnesota Law School

About the Instructors


Lead Instructors

Justin Grammens leads our team of mobile & web application and data science engineers. He lives at the intersection of emerging technology and leading communities on the Internet of Things. He is a Co-Founder of Lab651, where he helps Fortune 500 companies use Machine Learning and mobile applications in their IoT products to drive business change. He is the owner of IoT Weekly, a free curated newsletter with industry expert perspectives on the Internet of Things, a co-founder of IoT Fuse, a 501(c)(3) non-profit with the mission to position Minnesota as a leader on the Internet of Things and an adjunct professor at the University of Saint Thomas teaching a graduate level course on the Internet of Things.

Troy Pongratz leads our product design team at Lab651. He has been involved in product design for more than 20 years in industries such as medical, consumer, and industrial products. His work has yielded multiple patents. An experienced consultant with both large and small companies, Troy brings a team approach to designing products and integrating new products in multiple disciplines. Troy and his team consider it their personal responsibility to support a product design from beginning to end to ensure its success in the marketplace.


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