The 4 Biggest Barriers to the Success of your Connected Product

The Success of your Connected Product

The success of your connected product is the ultimate goal. Unfortunately there can be some set backs along the way. Here are the 4 biggest barriers that can set back your project.

If you want to avoid running into these problems, or are currently stuck, contact us and we’ll help you navigate back on track.

The 4 Biggest Barriers

1. Technical Challenges

It’s inevitable running into technical challenges with such a complex system like IoT. Running into technical challenges can be a huge barrier and push back on your project. Below are some common problems we’ve seen businesses run into.

  • Inability to push updates remotely
  • Poor battery life/usage
  • Sensors generating noise and not giving the details desired
  • Sensor technology isn’t fully mature to do what you want 
  • Not accounting for the connected and disconnected states of your product/device
    This is a very small list in comparison to technical challenges you may run into along the way. If you’re stuck, let’s chat! 
2. Business & Process Changes

Depending on the nature of your business, implementing IoT can be a big change. The processes for employees can change and certain business needs change. For the best results, everyone in the business needs to be onboard with the changes and accepting of position requirements potentially changing. Without this, your IoT strategy could suffer.Employee IoT

  • Every person within the organization needs to accept the change of using the new technology. Everyone needs to sees value in your IoT and how it benefits themselves and their position/department.
    • Their job performance is related to the value brought by the IoT devices.
    • Employees need incentives implementing the process change.
3. Customer’s Need to See Value

Customer’s need to find value in what you’re offering to enable and utilize the service you’re offering, otherwise what’s the point? By providing value to your customers, you have a chance to enhance your customer relationship and loyalty through a personalized experience and increase brand loyalty. Ways you can provide value to your customers:

  • Control the maintenance of your product in the field; Maintain a well working product for your customer.
  • Communicate the proper usage of the product. What are the full capabilities of the product?
  • By allowing usage of your customer data, you’re enabling a more personalized experience.
    If you customer’s don’t find value, you’ve hit a barrier.
4. Security Concerns

Every company and consumer has security concerns. Either they’ve read about it through mass media, encountered it, or have had employee/stakeholder push back because of it.
At Lab651, we combat the security concerns by only hosting our IoT services with trusted sources. Security concerns can be a barrier, but partner with the right team and you can combat the concerns.

  • Security concerns do exist.
    • With any new tech product roll out there’s security concerns, it’s no different with IoT devices. The concerns just need to be handled and addressed up front.

The success of your product is cruicial – there’s a lot of time, money and effort on the line. By having a clearly defined product roadmap and the right team, you can find success.

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