Supporting Girls in Engineering and STEM

Lab651 was thrilled to be a part of Girl Time at The Works

Last weekend, September 21st, Lab651 happily sponsored Girl Time at The Works.

Girl Time is an event that The Works put together to encourage girls to be excited about engineering. Throughout the day, girls (and boys) and their families walked around the museum, exploring the different booths with various hands-on activities. Our hands-on activity included some Aurdino breadboards, and when connected correctly a light would blink.

The kids loved pulling out all the wires, following instructions and the diagrams, and putting it back together correctly, causing the light to blink. Justin Grammens at The Works and the Girl Time event

We also had a photoresistor that once it was covered up and made “dark”, the light turned on.

The best part of the weekend was asking the kids about real-world applications for these sensors, like nightlights or streetlights. Getting the kids to think about how they can make things around their home or their world “smart” is how creativity flourishes and new ideas are developed.

Emily working on the breadboard at The Works, Girl Time eventWe hope that our booth and activity encouraged the 2,000 attendees to be excited about engineering and making objects smart!

We were honored to sponsor this STEM event, and are always excited about supporting girls in engineering.

Thanks to The Works for putting together this great event, and we look forward to 2020!