Starting a Podcast on IoT

Reflections on Podcasting & the AIoT

Thank you for reading about all the latest things going on with myself and our team at Lab651! As many of you may not know, it has been more than a year since I took on the initiative of creating my first podcast – “Conversation on Applied AI” and what a fun year it has been!

Without a doubt, it has been a lot of work to balance the time to find guests, do the research, record the interview, mix the audio and then post and promote it. I’ve had help along the way at various times from contract workers on Fiverr, Upwork, and our Sales & Marketing Team at Lab651. Additionally, I should point out that the podcast is made in part by the Emerging Technologies North non-profit of which I’m the President and Cofounder, so thank you to everyone who has contributed their time and money to that organization.

The Start

As I reflect on my original blog post, I’ve learned that while there’s a lot of tools and techniques that people can use to make their podcast successful, it’s all about being authentic, being a good listener as you perform the interview, and soaking up all the information that you can for the audience. As I have both recorded and now listened to hundreds of hours of audio, not only on my podcast, but many others that I’m subscribed to, I’ve learned that good podcasts are ones in which the host gets out of the way. They act in a supporting role to the guest and while they both anticipate the questions that the listener may want to ask, they keep the conversation fluid and delve into other areas that might not have been the original intention of the interview. While my podcast has the general theme of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, we have covered so many other topics that are not technical in nature, but when I went back and listened closely to the audio, I heard so much passion and excitement in their voices that I knew it would be a popular episode.

Over this past year, I’ve been blessed to have interviewed some of the smartest people in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and believe we are just getting started. One of the topics that I‘ve been speaking a lot about is the convergence of Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things. This is commonly now being called the Artificial Intelligence of Things ( “AIoT” ) and is one of the hottest trends going on today. You can bet that we’ll be having more guests talking about this both on the podcast, in my future speaking engagements, and a conference I’m working on putting together later this year. If interested in learning more, please subscribe to the AI & IoT Weekly Newsletter where I dive deeper into these topics.

Thanks again for subscribing to these updates on what’s going with Lab651. I am truly blessed to be working in an area that I’m very passionate about and would love to connect and talk with you about how I can help be a resource around IoT, mobile, and AI. Reply to this email or connect with me today!

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