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Through our experience working in industrial automation and talking with our partner Keystone Automation, we saw a need for small to medium sized manufacturing companies to be able to connect, monitor, and receive alerts at an extremely low cost and high value.
We therefore went to work creating a line of products to service this need -- the first of which is "Praeco" (a Latin word meaning the herald or town crier). It's a device that is drop-dead simple to plug in and start giving you realtime data and alerts when conditions are out-of-range in your factory environment.

Simply and intuitively integrate with the industrial internet of things

  • Have an industrial sensor send you a text message or email when a digital output changes state or an analog output goes out of range
    • Message can include value of analog output in mA when sensor is triggered
  • Use your cell phone or web browser to check on the status of an industrial sensor
    • PNP output high or low?
    • Value of analog output in mA
  • Works with any industrial sensor with a PNP digital or 4 to 20mA analog output
  • Industry standard 4-wire connection, powered from 10 to 30VDC
  • Simple, intuitive user interface
  • Rugged construction, easily mounted housing
  • Based on the market proven Particle Electron 3G cellular board

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