Our Process

From Idea to Strategy to Prototype to Launch, Our Methods Ensure Success

Our approach to building your connected product turns ideas into reality in an easy and thoughtful manner. Whether starting from just an idea or a thorough specification, we have the knowledge and expertise to help visualize the possibilities, narrow down the focus, and create a winning and salable design.
Throughout the entire design process, we are considering the ultimate step to getting products to market: the product design. We believe that being well versed in product design and manufacturing creates better industrial design.


The Big Idea

Your company has identified an opportunity for a product that fulfills a need or solves a problem. We can collaborate with you to map out a cohesive plan. First, we work with you to define the scope of the project. Can the product be made with off-the-shelf components? Is technology creation involved? Is it physically possible? What about development costs? Then, we help define the product and determine the product family. Products such as tools, electronic devices, or mobile applications suggest a particular design language and need to be recognizable and match with their intended purpose.


Creating Structure

Your idea has to be able to perform certain tasks and have specific attributes - such as product features, ergonomics, and materials - and fall within a certain cost. These factors all influence product design. We sit down with your team and create a product requirements document to define this in detail.


Giving It Shape & Form

At Lab 651, we believe that products are best designed from the inside out. Defining internal architecture - such as board space, electronics, or functional components - all drive the external form, look, and feel. By using this approach, we save on redesign costs and avoid unnecessary rounds of product design revisions.


Bringing It Together

Product sketches have been approved, and we’ve accounted for all the product specifications. As a final step, proof-of-concept prototypes are needed. To confidently approve the final industrial design, physical prototypes must be in hand and evaluated. This final step ensures there are no surprises and the proportions are visually pleasing. Once this final step is completed, the industrial design can be released to product design.


Product Design

Here at Lab 651, we also do product design. If your company needs assistance determining the materials, navigating the manufacturing process, and creating tooling-ready 3D models, we can deliver. We also offer advanced FEA simulation to ensure products will perform as intended. Lab 651 offers integrated industrial and product design, embedded systems, and mobile and data science to complete the project, from beginning to end.