Our Process

Strategy to Launch, Our Proven Process Ensures Success

We begin with the goals and strategy for IoT. Our knowledge and expertise helps us to visualize the possibilities, narrow down the focus and execute on the implementation.
Being well versed in Software, Hardware and Product Design, we can take your product all the way from strategy to mass production.


It Is About New Opportunities for the Business

The advantage you have today will be replaced by the technologies of tomorrow

  • Discuss Problems and Opportunities
  • Possibilities & Vision
  • Set Goals
  • Establish Scope
  • Budget, Priorities and Trade-Offs

Discussing Problems and Opportunities - how that helps your company reach its business goal

We believe that a solid strategy for IoT is instrumental. Opportunities should unlock new sources of competitive advantage: Increased Efficiencies or Revenue.

Our business and technology advisors will explore and and validate how developing connected products will help you to meet business goals. We align key stakeholders around these goals to create a unified vision for success.

In the process, we focus on validating connected product concepts from a business, customer and technology perspective to ensure that we build something of value.

Our past experience and passion for transforming business through digitized, connected products, gives us the perspective needed to guide the focus in this initial strategize phase.


Devising a Plan - Delivering an Architecture Blueprint

Priorities and Benchmarks - Winning and Scalable

Putting together an Architecture Blueprint for that problem or opportunity

  • Focused on Financial Goals and ROI
  • Technology, Software and Mechanics Needed to Support the Goals

Having supported numerous customers in their IoT journey’s, we are keenly poised to devise a plan that has the right priorities and needed benchmarks.

We believe it is important to apply rigor and discipline in narrowing the focus to create winning and scalable work. We do this through the lens as engineers and with a focus on ROI. Our expert IoT intelligence equips us with the understanding of the technology, software and mechanics needed to support the vision for the IoT initiative.

As we conceptualize the solution and path forward, we develop and deliver a high-level architecture blueprint, focused on financial goals and ROI.


Building a Technically Viable Proof of Concept (POC)

This is where our engineers really shine - low risk, high turnaround. Optimized for Cost, Power & Performance

  • End-to-End Solution
  • Technology Risks Mitigated

This is where our engineers really amaze our clients. We are quick and adept at converting the high level architecture blueprint into something real.

Our goal in this phase is to create a POC that mitigates technology risks, ensuring that what is developed is optimized for cost, power and performance. Our team digs into technology trade-offs and then builds a high level hardware and software end-to-end solution.

We deliver this back to the team that we assembled from the very beginning. It is here that we have a workable product that we can experience. In this stage, we will have confirmed our theory for ROI and technology risks will have been flushed out and mitigated.

This sets the stage for planning for the launch of commercial roll-out. We advise and help navigate aligning to the strategic plan that highlights the opportunity the connected product will have for the business.


Rolling out a Commercially Viable Product or Service

Engineering Optimization and ROI

  • The work begins to turn the POC into a commercially viable product or service
  • Leverage data and analytics to provide insights into customer behavior
  • Realize new products or revenue streams from data collected

As we set the stage for commercial roll-out, we begin to set the foundation to focus on hardware cost optimization driven by advances in software and data analytics.