Perfecting Your Golf Swing

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SkyPro Golf Swing Analyzer

The sport of golf is an 84 billion dollar industry, with 24 million US, on-course golfers – popular amongst people young and old. Whether competing in the sport of golf or enjoying a relaxing Sunday on the course, your golf swing is crucial.

A golf swing can be tricky to master because there’s so much that goes into it; your grip, stance, head position and more. It can be a lot to manage on your own. That’s where SkyPro Golf Swing Analyzer comes in.

The Golf Swing Analyzer is a small sensor that attaches to your golf club and sends your swing data wirelessly to your smartphone.

How it works

The sensor on your club begins recording after motion is detected. After the swing is completed the data is sent to your smartphone via Bluetooth, and the app then replicates the movements in 3D for you to watch later. In addition to the 3D replay, you’ll recieve tips and SkyPro Checkpoint feedback.
The SkyPro Checkpoint system is a training technique used to breakdown the numerous swing positions and help you improve.

Our Work

Lab651 was a part of the product and industrial design – designing the sensor and the charging product case.

One of the biggest challenges for Lab651 on this project was the sensor. Not only did the sensor need to be so lightweight it wouldn’t impact your swing, but it also needed to be strong enough to withstand the motion of the swing  and the impact of hitting the golf ball. There were many prototypes in the beginning as we engineered the perfect product; durable, lightweight and easy to get on and off.

The storage case doubles as a charging port for the sensor. The case needed to be compact, so it could easily fit inside a golf bag, but also durable so it could withstand the storage and transportation and protect the sensor. The sensor fits seamlessly inside of the case, with the mini USB charging port on the side of the case.

The Golf Swing Analyzer posed many challenges, but Lab651 crafted a winning, successful design for golf enthusiasts everywhere!

“Pioneering .. gives golfers a brilliant insight into their swing.” ~ Golf International