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With over a 1,000 projects under our belts, Lab 651 is uniquely poised to help you reach your goals through IoT technology. Chances are we’ve seen it before.

Our work has consistently been rewarding for us. On the Consumer and Medical side, we have been a part of improving the quality of life for people and the brands we work with. For the Industrial and Municipal sectors, we have put into production, connected products that have had a significant impact in driving down costs and increasing revenue.

Case Studies

Best Buy Retail
Smart City
Social Mobile Application
McDonalds Food Safety
Smart Classroom

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Industry Focus


Improving The Quality of Live - Increasing Brand Engagement


  • Leading Market Innovator - GPS enabled pet containment, training and tracking system. Soon to hit the market - Stay Tuned!
  • McDonalds - Reduced waste, increased food safety, increased efficiencies and saved money.
  • Vitals Aware Services - Lab 651 is saving lives and as quoted by CBS News, "A game changer"
  • Weight Management Company - Postured the business to secure $110M acquisition by a large electronic product company
  • Best Buy - Developed mobile app that linked to thousands of in-store products - In one Month! Downloaded by more than 10M People!
  • BuzzFeed - Developed a powerful and interactive mobile app - Measurable increased engagement - More than 1.5M downloads
  • National Amusement Park - Improved engagement and increased customer delight
  • Consumer Car Loan Company - Decreased slow paying car loan customers by 70%


Increasing the Quality of Life - Adhering to Security and Regulatory Requirements  - Decreasing Overall Healthcare Costs


  • The Vitals App - Providing live changing information during critical times between police and those with disabilities.
  • Medical Device Manufacturer - Continuous glucose monitoring device was instrumental in uniting family around the condition and improving health management.

  • Medical Device Manufacturer - Real-time feedback to clinicians resulted in better tracking, treatment and reimbursement percentages.


Increasing and Generating New Revenue Streams - Changing the Way Companies Do Business - Move From Products to Higher Margin Services


  • Lab 651 Engineers created the technical foundation for an automotive services company which led to a $500M acquisition.
  • In 2 weeks, Lab 651 engineers developed a connected sensing solution that will save our client $12M in sensor hardware alone.
  • Lab 651 Engineers helped a 70 year old Automotive Supplier decrease supply chain costs and helped increase revenue by developing a just-in-time inventory replenishment system.
  • Consumer Goods Supply Company - Dramatic business turn-around from millions of dollars of lost opportunity to a multimillion dollar service business
  • Lab 651 Engineers helped a $20B company change their business model from low margin product to higher margin product as a service

Smart City

Increased Efficiency - Serving Communities More Effectively


  • Street Light Controller - Efficiencies gained created great cost savings and reduced downtime.
  • Wildflower Schools - Smart classroom enhanced the organic learning for children by giving visibility into learning between students, teachers and educational materials.

We Have Decades of Experience in Building Advanced Products

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