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We Connect Your Products to Create Business Value

The founders of Lab 651 have have been building new technology and connected products for countless years in a variety of industry verticals. Below is a small sample of some of the projects the team has built. We welcome you to visit our office so we may share with you more solutions and unique products that we've built for our clients.

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​Best Buy, a multi-billion dollar electronics retailer, was one month away from Black Friday, one of the largest retail days of the year, and did not have a mobile app ready.

​As the deadline was approaching, Best Buy executives were starting to panic and contacted founding Lab 651 partner, Justin Grammens, to see if he could get them to make the Black Friday deadline.


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Medical Devices

Lab 651 founding partners Troy Pongratz and Rodney Landers provided a fully integrated solution for the customer. Several different product configurations were evaluated and a selection made from a balance of attributes.

​The end user’s lifestyle and needs were always kept in mind to help shape the end product. Snap locks were used to assemble the plastic case together without any fasteners, as requested by the customer.


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Industrial & Smart City

​There are many street light controllers being used that sense when the sun goes down to turn on the street light. However, these street lights require continual maintenance as they need to be visually inspected for outages and pole damages.

​The team at Lab 651 designed a street light controller that alleviates this burden.

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Food Safety

"This system was built to be modular and flexible enough so that clients could adopt any portion of the system that they needed," Grammens says.

McDonalds gained greater efficiencies in their production and more knowledge to achieve greater food safety.

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Consumer Products

​Inventor Rodney Landers, a cofounder of Lab 651, was inspired to create a more flexible solution one night while watching Star Trek: "What if we could use GPS to mark off a fenced-in area, and have the dog carry around the device as part of its collar?"

​GPS provides a way to give owners flexibility on setting the boundaries and does not require any major digging in the yard.

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Scrimmage, an education company, challenged Justin Grammens, a Lab 651 cofounder, to create an interactive platform to increase participation and engagement for educators to use with their students.

The platform Grammens and the team created was extensible enough for another client, Gilead Sciences, a major pharmaceutical company, to use for an upcoming educational conference.


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Social & Mobile

​BuzzFeed is a popular app with more than 1.5 million downloads. It's used widely by the coveted millennial audience, who rely on it as the source of entertainment as well as news.

"We never imagined BuzzFeed would explode into the buzzword it is today," said Justin Grammens, a Lab 651 cofounder.


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