Our Proven Process

Each software project is unique, but there's no exceptions to our process

Your project deserves the best

That's why each project we ensure:

  • The Lab651 Proven Process is implemented and is followed by all
  • Clear accountability and expectations are set across the board
  • Everyone on the team knows WHY they are building the software product they are building
How We Work Together

Product Owner

  • Works closely with subject matter expert
  • Establishes functional requirements from customer data into technical expectations
  • Establishes the Agile + Lab651 Proven Process
  • Defining stories
  • Prioritizing the backlog
  • Running the daily standup
Software Development Done Right Book

Your Guide: Software Development Done Right

Justin Grammens has been designing and building software applications and systems since 1997.

In Software Development Done Right, you will get a series of best practices and a framework that you can implement to successfully navigate the seas of Software Development and deliver a high-quality software product to the market as a leader and the captain of your ship.

Like you, we are frustrated with software development projects that fail

That's why we’ve developed, reiterated and perfected a development process so that you have the confidence to lead your team to success.

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