Must-Know Secrets for Hiring a Developer

The tech sector is constantly evolving, and the demand for developers has never increased. 

If you want to recruit top talent but aren’t sure where to start, approaching the field might seem daunting. Fortunately, you can incorporate a few proven strategies into your game plan. 

So, keep reading for some must-know secrets to help your company land the perfect candidate when hiring a developer. 


Hiring a Developer Secret 1: Know the type of candidate you need 

Though you shouldn’t turn away an applicant just because they don’t fit every requirement to a T, it’s worth outlining your desired candidate long before you start your search. 

For starters, determine which aspects are non-negotiable regarding the position. For a developer, this might include specific programming languages, experience in certain applications (such as mobile apps), and the ability to complete projects on time. After that, make a list of desired qualifications that are more flexible—things like personality traits and work habits. 

This will help you create a “stock” candidate profile, which you can compare against real applications later to speed up the decision process. 


Hiring a Developer Secret 2: Have a thorough understanding of tech roles 

There are different roles for developers in every industry, and it’s essential to understand how each role varies from the next. For example, as a recruiter, a web developer will have different responsibilities and skills than a mobile app developer or game developer; it’s your duty to understand these differences. 


So, how do you know if you need one type of developer over another? 

An excellent place to start is with your project goals and objectives. For instance, a web programmer would be your best bet if you’re looking for someone who can build a simple app from scratch and need it to be completed quickly. 


On the other hand, if your project requires extensive design work or complex calculations requiring heavy processing power on the backend (like cryptocurrency mining), hiring an experienced engineer or data scientist will get you closer to achieving those goals. 


Hiring a Developer Secret 3: Recognize what a developer looks for in an employer 

There are many things to look for when hiring a developer, but you should also do some introspection—why should a developer want to work for you? To answer that question, here are some common qualities that developers look for in an employer:

  • A company that values their contribution and sees their value as an individual.
  • A company that has a clear path for growth and development. This may include access to mentorship, training opportunities, or encouragement from others on their team.
  • A company that has an established company culture, meaning they feel comfortable being themselves around colleagues. 
  • A growing company has an excellent reputation and offers its employees opportunities for career advancement.


Hiring a Developer Secret 4: Check their work portfolio

Once you’re starting to interact with candidates, you’ll want to look for portfolios that showcase their best work. To hire a developer who bests matches your objectives, you’ll usually want to complete the following steps: 

  • See if their portfolio contains projects similar to yours. Examine how long the project was completed and how often they updated it. This can tell you how active they are as a developer and whether they’re up to date on new technologies and trends (and if there are any gaps in their knowledge).
  • Look at the complexity of each project when determining its quality—for example, if a site is cleanly coded with attention to detail but lacks features that you would expect from an MVP, then that might indicate poor work ethic or planning skills. 
  • Ask for references; contact previous clients; ask to speak with people who have worked with your candidate. This can help you better understand their expertise and how they communicate from a third (or fourth) perspective. 


Hiring a Developer Secret 5: Test their coding skills 

Of course, you’ll likely want to see a candidate’s skills in action. Testing their abilities during the interview is a common way to evaluate whether a developer’s abilities align with your expectations.  

You can ask them to solve a problem or write code on demand. This will allow you to see how they approach the task, whether they have trouble understanding what you’re asking them to do, and how quickly they can complete it.

You could also ask them about their previous work experience, what technologies they used, and how much time it took them to learn those new technical skills.


Hiring a Developer Secret 6: Consider personality and chemistry

It’s a myth that developers are all introverts, but it’s also a myth that they’re all extroverts. 

The reality is that most developers fall between these two extremes: they like working alone, but they also enjoy being around others and working with others. Hiring someone who is socially reserved and has difficulty communicating with others may not be the best fit for your team environment.

If you’re looking for someone who will fit right into your team culture, there are ways to test out their compatibility before offering them the job. 

One way of doing this has them complete group tasks as part of the interview process, where you can see how well they collaborate with others on projects or work towards deadlines together (whether in person or over email). You can also ask your existing employees what personality traits were most beneficial when they worked with developers! 


Hiring a Developer with Lab651

Hiring a developer can seem overbearing at first glance, but it all boils down to having a clear idea of what kind of candidate you want and being able to communicate that effectively. 


Remember, your hiring process is not only about finding the right person for the job; it’s also about making sure they’re happy with their position at your company and are willing to put in the time and effort required to succeed.

Don’t worry if you’re off to a rocky start: If you need software development help, Lab651 can supply your team with qualified professionals. Contact us today to learn more!