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From Fortune 100 clients to early-stage startups - the team at Lab651 has more than two decades of experience in building secure software applications. It's with this experience that enables our team to build native and hybrid mobile and cloud-based Industrial grade applications that give you the power to remotely monitor, capture and build data models that create efficiencies and new revenue to your product or business.


"The Lab651 team is experienced, reliable and a fantastic partner."

- Robert Boyle, Director, Kenmore, Craftsman & Diehard Brands

"Justin's team really came through to build us game-changing mobile experiences."

- Michele Azar, Vice President, Emerging Digital Platforms & Mobile, Best Buy Corporation

"Your team at Lab651 definitely knows how to build products in the IoT world!"

- Nick Tietz, CoFounder & Chief Digital Officer, Vitals Aware Services

"I'm so happy that I chose Lab651."

- Angie Eilers,PhD, Founder, URTURN

"Justin and his team have helped from concept to product fulfillment. Comprehensive, fast and reliable!"

- John Haaland, PhD, The Vista Institute & CEO of MAP/PATH LLC.

"Every time I call these guys, they have an answer."

- Gary Koelling, Principal, KTM Consulting

"Justin Grammens has an uncanny ability to be one step ahead on the tech that helps businesses grow. He and his team can also make that next step a reality."

- Phil Wilson, General Manager, BuzzFeed

Mobile Application & Data Science Case Studies

Learn how Lab651 helped Craftsman at Sears rethink how to use real-time data from customers using their Smart Lawn products to provide better customer experiences and beat their competitors.

Justin Grammens | Cofounder

​Justin Grammens leads our team of mobile & cloud application and data science engineers. Justin lives at the intersection of emerging technology and leading communities on the Internet of Things. He has been building mobile applications and cloud-based software solutions for more than 20 years with clients ranging from startups to Fortune 100 companies. Justin is a cofounder of IoT Fuse, a 501(c)(3) non-profit with the mission to position Minnesota as a leader in connected products and is an adjunct professor at the University of St. Thomas teaching a graduate-level course on the Internet of Things.

Mobile & Cloud Applications

Our team of mobile application and cloud engineers use the best tools to solve your complex business problems. We have experience in not only AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, but building native mobile application on iOS and Android.
  • Mobile Applications

    Our team designs and builds native iOS and Android Applications that allow your customers to connect with your product. Having built mobile applications for Best Buy, Thomson Reuters, Buzzfeed, McDonald's, and other Fortune 100 companies, we have the experience to bring your application to market.

  • Cloud Infrastructure and Applications

    Whether it's building a custom web-based application to manage your devices or leveraging an existing off-the-shelf solution, our team has seen it all. We build and consume APIs that are hosted by AWS, Azure, or Google. Based on your needs, we bring the best solution to your product.

  • Security

    Our team of seasoned Software Engineers have worked for decades securing data in the cloud. Banking, Retail, Medical and Legal records are just some of the areas that we have experience in helping our clients sleep at night knowing that their data is secure.

  • Agile Development

    Our team has more than 20 years of experience in building software for a diverse set industries. Lab 651 has created a solid and well defined software development lifecycle (SDLC) that we are more than happy to share with you. You can trust that our development process is the best in the industry.

  • Rapid Prototyping

    Speed to market is important. In just days, we're able to create mobile applications, store data in the cloud, and start analysis for iteration. Working with our application team means you spend less time talking and more time iterating to your final product. Give us a try and see how fast we work!

Data Science for the IoT

Using advanced Artificial Intelligence with Machine Learning, our team helps you predict faults, decrease waste, provide better experiences and better products to your customer or efficiencies in your business.
  • Machine Learning

    Having access to PhDs and top talent in data science from local universities is one of the key points that differentiates Lab 651 from other firms. We have the expertise in machine learning, artificial intelligence, and Internet of Things to make your product intelligent.

  • Visualizations

    Using tools from Microsoft, Amazon and Google our team of application and data professionals can quickly create dashboards to give your business visibility into the data your are collecting. We have experience in scaling infrastructure to efficiently parse large datasets and find the signal in the noise.

  • Predictive Mainentance

    Predicting failure of equipment before it happens is a crucial part of the services that we offer. Having our team of data scientist work with our embedded and software engineers, we are able quickly create models that we can deploy to equipment running at the edge to help you discover problems before they cause unwanted downtime.

  • Edge Intelligence

    Building data models in the cloud and deploying them to endpoints at the edge opens up a new world of pushing AI to the edge. Our deep experience with scalable solutions such as Azure Edge and AWS Greengrass allows us to build the best possible solution using advanced AI techniques.

  • Alexa Skills & Chatbots

    The next wave of applications are voice-enabled! With voice assistants like Alexa and Google Home, the users of your products and services are going be expecting to be able to speak to them. We can build better experiences with voice!

Applications Built by Our Team

Our Tools

Lab651 is a tools agnostic organization, but here's a small sample of the tools that we use to help our customers succeed


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