Minnesota Chamber of Commerce Annual Update

We are honored that Lab 651 was recognized as a leading technology company in the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce Annual Update (PDF)! Through our unique experience and skill sets at Lab 651, the Chamber recognized that Lab 651 is leading the pathway to building a smarter and more connected world.

As we see the world is becoming increasingly connected, Lab 651 works with businesses all over the state of Minnesota and beyond to use technology to build products that drive ROI. You need a team with a diverse set of skills to take advantage of technology to improve your business. Check out our work!

Additionally, as a way of supporting the community, we were thrilled to continue our support as a sponsor of the IoT Fuse:Conference 2017 on April 21st. IoT Fuse is the largest Internet of Things conference in the Upper Midwest and has grown to a community of more than 1500 members. Lab 651 hosts monthly meetings, hackathon, and other events that help the IoT community.