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Complete Piece of Mind

What does that mean for us? In short, we’re not happy unless you are happy. This is our guiding principle and we get there by delivering winning product designs, on time and on budget.

In house, we employ a team of gifted individuals that can adapt to the culture of your company. We are accustomed to integrating into your existing team or working independently and taking care of all aspects of a product development project.

Product design is by humans for humans. All of the people that will be involved with the product need to be taken in to consideration. This means everyone from manufacturing to the end user will have an experience with the product. We strive to make that experience a good one. It sounds simple, but has profound effects.

Mechanical & Industrial Design Case Studies

Troy Pongratz | Cofounder

Troy leads our product design team at Lab651. He has been involved in product design for more than 20 years in industries such as medical, consumer, and industrial products. His work has yielded multiple patents. An experienced consultant with both large and small companies, Troy brings a team approach to designing products and integrating new products in multiple disciplines. Troy and his team consider it their personal responsibility to support a product design from beginning to end to ensure its success in the marketplace.

Mechanical & Industrial Design

Lab651 also offers a wide range of services related to product design based on years of experience bringing consumer and industrial products to market. Our talented team is intuitive, adaptable, and solution oriented.
  • Mechanical Design

    At the start of a project, it’s difficult to have a vision of the final product. It can be a paralyzing problem, which we’ve learned to overcome. Our process weighs all competing requirements and funnels them into a clear and winning design.

  • Full Spectrum

    We can handle every step from design to manufacturing-ready. Our product design services span concept to tooling-ready state. All aspects such as material selection, part design, vendor selection, and documentation are part of our capabilities. We can work as part of a team or offer a full turnkey solution.

  • Implementation Support

    Once the product design is fully developed, it must be implemented into manufacturing. We’re accustomed to generating documentation, assembly procedures, bills of materials, and helping with regulatory agencies to make the transition to manufacturing a reality. We’ve developed many industry contacts through our resource network to facilitate this process.

  • Product Support

    Once your product is ramped up into production, Lab651 can help you solve ongoing product issues such as cost reduction, quality issues, and design changes related to high-volume manufacturing. We help you support the product through its full life cycle.

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