Meeting Your Needs from Idea to Product

We can help you by

  • Conceptualizing, designing, and implementing industrial, consumer and medical products
  • Adding value at all stages of the product design process, as part of your team or as a comprehensive one-stop resource
  • Leveraging our in-depth knowledge and over 25 years of experience for new and fresh perspectives
  • Testing out your designs with our on-site 3-D printing service

Our Services


Mechanical &
Industrial Design

We offer a comprehensive phased design process, from initial concept refinementto full production.


Full Spectrum

We help you choose materials, design parts, select vendors, and generate documentation as the project moves from design to manufacturing.



We’re experts in writing assembly procedures, fixture design, and helping with regulatory agencies.


Product Support

Let us help solve product issues such as: cost reduction, remaining quality issues, and design updates related to high-volume manufacturing.

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