Our Process

We put you first! That's why our clients go through our proven process

Lab651 takes a scientific and measured approach to building products.


Often, a company begins with an idea for a product or service, then spend months or years working towards launch without either gaining internal support, testing in the field or gaining rudimentary feedback from their prospective customers.


Enter the Lab651 "3-2-1 Launch!" Process. Our industry-proven process is tailored to your key stakeholders and business needs and eliminates uncertainty by using our tools to test your product vision and align it with the current market needs. Best of all, after our 3-day business discovery workshop, you will receive a firm quote to build your minimum viable product, with no hidden costs and 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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The 3-2-1 Launch! process takes a "validated learning” approach. We help you focus on figuring out not only the right thing to build, but also to determine the value proposition for the thing your customers want. Don't lose months waiting for a product beta launch. Achieve it in less than three months with Lab651.

3 Days

Business Discovery Workshop

  • Open and collaborative workshop using best-in-industry design thinking practices
  • Problem space and user personas fully identified
  • Business goals, profit sources and clear value proposition of the product are determined
  • Fully defined roadmap of requirements, strategic mission statement and known cost to move forward are provided

2 Months

Prototype Development

  • Documented test verification plan
  • Engineering tasks clearly defined and prioritized
  • Daily standups with key stakeholders and weekly demos to management showing progress
  • 1-3 prototypes ready for deployment to a controlled testing environment

1 Month

Deployment & Learning

  • 30 days of real-time data and usage collected
  • Customer interviews conducted
  • Retrospective and report on what was learned
  • "Go/No-Go" decision to take the product to a pilot phase

Validated Learning Approach

Validated learning is a unit of progress process and describes learnings generated by trying out an initial idea and then measuring it against potential customers to validate the effect. Each test of an idea is a single iteration in a larger process of many iterations whereby something is learned and then applied to succeed tests. 

Typical steps in validated learning:

  1. Specify a goal
  2. Specify a metric that represents the goal
  3. Act to achieve the goal
  4. Analyze the metric – did you get closer to the goal?
  5. Improve and try again

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