Lab651 Is Making ‘Connected Products’ a Reality

Experienced Engineering Team Focused on Creating Next-Generation of Internet-Enabled Devices —

August 9, 2017 — St. Paul, Minnesota — Lab651 today announced it has begun offering a broad range of product development services in its mission to “connect the physical world to the digital universe.” The Internet of Things (IoT) firm also announced the launch of its new website at

Lab 651 lobby sign

The sign welcoming you when you visit Lab651.

“We’re at the start of a new age of computing — Internet-enabled devices will be everywhere,” said Justin Grammens, one of the firm’s cofounders. “We have the depth and experience no other firm has to help our customers advance in this new world.”

Developing a connected product or service requires a wide range of expertise. The three co-founders of Lab651 each have more than 20 years of experience in the disciplines of mechanical, electrical, and software engineering, respectively, Grammens noted. “That deep experience enables the Lab651 team to build connected products end-to-end under one roof.”

The Internet of Things, also known as “IoT,” is a trend that has been evolving for several years. It’s based on the concept of ordinary, everyday objects becoming more intelligent and connected to the Internet. That can span everything from a device in your home, to a factory, to something implanted in our bodies. Previously, the three co-founders of Lab651 each had their own companies of highly experienced engineers active in this area. “After working together on a number of projects, it made sense to create one company that had all these skills to help our customers iterate and build solutions quickly,” said Grammens.

Three Key Focus Areas

Lab651’s capabilities cross three main disciplines:

  • Mobile Apps & Data Science. Mobile applications, sensors, and data analytics create insights into usage data of physical products in unique ways. Lab651 helps customers gain insights into the usage data of their physical products and business assets in the real world.
  • Embedded Systems. Including electrical engineering, wireless design, firmware development, agile development, and rapid prototyping.
  • Industrial & Mechanical Design. Lab651 offers full services to bring a customer’s product design from concept to a tooling-ready state.

Lab651 works with its customers from idea to strategy to prototype to launch. “Our approach to building your connected product turns ideas into reality in an easy and thoughtful manner,” said Rodney Landers, another co-founder, who is a highly experienced embedded systems engineer and inventor. “Whether starting from just an idea or a thorough specification, we have the knowledge and expertise to help visualize the possibilities, narrow down the focus, and create a winning and salable design.”

Co-founder Troy Pongratz, who leads the Lab651 product design team, said, “Throughout the entire design process, we are considering the ultimate step to getting products to market: the product design. We believe that being well versed in product design and manufacturing creates better industrial design.”

Wide Range of Customers

Lab651 works with a diverse set of clients — from startups with brilliant ideas and an initial stage of investment to bring their product to market, to Fortune 100 companies who are looking to Lab651 to provide them with a group of highly experienced engineers to build innovative products quickly and less expensively than if they engaged their own resources. The team has experience working with such large firms as Best Buy, Honeywell, McDonald’s, and BuzzFeed, and with startups such as Fluid, VariAware, SkyShepherd, and Wildflower Schools (which began at the MIT Media Lab in Boston). “We find the largest value for our clients comes when we can build and test early prototypes with their end-users, and help to learn and guide them on what it means to build a connected product,” said cofounder Grammens.

Lab651 has a strong belief in community, in working and learning together with its customers and partners. Its community affiliations include IoT Fuse, the largest non-profit community in the U.S. devoted to the Internet of Things; the University of Saint Thomas; the University of Minnesota; and IoT Weekly.

For more information, please contact Lab651 via the contact page on its new website:, or call 651-300-4868.