June 1, 2017 — Minneapolis — Available for delivery today, the Praeco IIoT Signaling Device can be used in a wide variety of industrial IoT applications to help give you visibility into what is happening at your facility. For an extremely low cost, you can have management, real-time updates, and monitoring of your equipment. Some scenarios include:

  • Have an industrial IoT sensor send you a text message or email when a digital output changes state or an analog output goes out of range.
  • Use your cell phone or web-browser to check on the status of an industrial IoT sensor.
  • Contact Keystone Automation or Lab 651 for a demo of how easy it can be to connect an industrial IoT sensor to the cloud.
Real-World Applications of Industrial IoT

The possibilities are endless with the Praeco Industrial IoT Signaling Device:

Inline baking oven - Industrial IoT
​Receive an alert or remotely check on the temperature of an in-line baking oven for accuracy.
Automated filling line - Industrial IoT
​Receive notification when an automated filling line first begins to overfill or underfill.
High-speed packaging line - Industrial IoT
​Receive notification immediately when a high speed packaging line goes down.


About Keystone Automation

Keystone Automation logo - Industrial IoTFor more than 30 years, Keystone has partnered with corporate engineers and system integrators to explore solutions for today’s difficult and diverse manufacturing problems.

From individual components to complete systems, we offer flexible solutions in areas of application including integration into production processes, quality assurance, machine safety, measurement, and code reading to name a few.

The keystone of our commitment to excellence is our strategic alliance with principals that have a proven reputation for manufacturing quality, state-of- the-art imaging and sensing products.

We boast a diverse portfolio of sensing and imaging products so that each client served will realize an optimal solution for their application.

About Lab 651

Lab 651 logo - Industrial IoTThe founders of Lab 651 have been building new technology and connected products for decades in a variety of industries.

Its team has built mobile and web applications for startups to Fortune 100 companies. Its solutions with remote systems provide rich mobile experiences and real-time insights into devices, in industrial IoT and other applications.

About Particle

Particle logo - Industrial IoTParticle’s full-stack Internet of Things (IoT) device platform allows us to securely and reliably connect an industrial IoT sensor to your cell phone or web browser.

Particle devices are inherently secure due to an encrypted communications protocol and the limited attack vectors of a micro-controller.