Lab651 at the Innovation Jam

I was fortunate enough to speak at the 2nd Annual Innovation Jam, put on by my friends at Ciceron. The other speakers included Kent Strand from Accredent, Ashley Evenson from Ciceron, and Chuck Olson from Visual.

Between the 4 of us, we covered topics ranging from the Internet of Things, proximity marketing using Beacons, new marketing techniques using programmatic advertising, and some really cool Virtual Reality.

The turnout was great and I felt that there was a lot of interest by the crowd around the technologies and innovation that we were sharing. One of the starting points of my presentation to the group was, “Let’s Do. Not Just Talk.” I challenged anyone working in new innovation to embrace the LEAN Startup approach by bringing your product or idea to market as quickly as possible to test it.

The main portion of my presentation consisted of a project that I’m currently working on involving an internet-connected baby car seat. I covered some of the driving factors around why having connected devices and in particular, the data from these connected devices are important to both the consumer and the manufacturer.  I also shared a number of local success stories that have created unique connected / IoT products.

These include: Reemo75FFluid, and Prevent Biometrics. I ended off the presentation with a story that I like to share around how the adoption of any new technology, even something as basic as the elevator, can be difficult and take time.

One really cool thing at this event was a graphic created in real time by Tim Foss. Below is what he created based on all of the content we discussed. Amazing stuff and a great cap off to an amazing event.