Justin Grammens Keynotes Minnesota School of Law Symposium

Justin Grammens, co-founder of Lab 651, will be the keynote speaker for the Minnesota School of Law Symposium on the Internet of Things on Friday, March 2, 2018.

It’s predicted that by 2020, more than 20 billion devices will be on the Internet. This includes a vast majority of them not just smartphones, tablets, and laptops, but “things.” Further, as computing devices are becoming smaller, batteries are lasting longer and access to the Internet is becoming ubiquitous. We are going to continue to see everyday ordinary objects not only being connected but having intelligence built into them. Smart assistants like Amazon, Alexa, and Google Home are just the beginning of a new wave of technology. It is already beginning to transform the way that we live and interact with the world.

As with all new technologies, there are hurdles around compatibility, trust, and ease of use that are still being figured out.

Justin will share a little of the history of what is currently now being broadly called the “Internet of Things,” some of the use cases being built today, and how the technology might be used in the future. This talk will discuss applications both for consumers and business owners.

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