It’s Never Too Late for a Workshop

Discovery Workshop

You read our last blog post, right? “You’ve Developed an MVP, Now What?”

When you launch a phase of your MVP you are beginning the Build, Measure, Learn wheel again.

Ideally, you would start our discovery workshop before you launch your MVP. That way, our workshops can devise the best plan possible for your best launch.

But, if you’re just discovering us (pun intended), don’t worry! Our workshops can fit into any phase of your MVP, whether the 1st or 4th iteration.

Our Discovery Workshop can help you by:

  • Performing technical feasibility versus business value assessments 
    – what’s the “low hanging fruit”? Meaning, what technical features can be easily implemented for low cost, and the best ROI; the best bang for your buck!
  • Dissecting your customer usage and engagement
    – what can enhance the customer experience? Utilizing real-world customer usage data will drive the best value possible for the next iteration of your MVP. 
  • Implementing strong visualizations
    – could a dashboard help keep your MVP on track? By applying visualizations to the incoming data, you’re making the data easier to understand and share with your team and stakeholders. Remember, it’s crucial to keep your team engaged throughout the entire MVP process.

Ideally, there’s a straight path to the solution. Realistically, we know it doesn’t happen that way.

Each time your MVP is ready for the next iteration, you and your team will begin to Build, Measure, Learn again. Our industry-proven process is tailored to your key stakeholders and business needs and eliminates uncertainty by using our tools to test your product vision and align it with the current market needs.

Connect with us so we can devise a roadmap on the right thing to build with the value proposition for your customers in mind. By engaging in our Discovery Workshop, your team and MVP are set up for success. 

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