Increase Business Efficiencies with the Internet of Things

Increase Business Efficiencies with the Internet of Things

Embracing IoT is a big step and a huge investment. Almost anything and everything in your business could become an IoT product, which can make the process overwhelming.

But what we’ve seen at Lab651 is the business and employee efficiencies gained from implementing IoT trumps the initial cost and ultimately results in valuable ROI. We help eliminate uncertainties by taking our clients through our 3-2-1 Launch Process/Workshop. At the end of the workshop, our clients leave with a clearly defined roadmap and IoT strategy.

Here’s why we think you should embrace IoT:

Collect data and understand your customers
  • The interaction and engagement customers have with your device can only improve your understanding, communication, and future engagements with your customers – strengthing brand loyalty.
Increase Business and Device Productivity
  • After your initial costs to implement are replenished you should see greater efficiencies in your machines and less downtime, saving you money!
Gain insight into your machines and assets
  • Have parts ordered before they break, know when certain parts are ready for replacement and knowIndustrial IoT your machine’s run times.
  • If you run a business where replenishment is necessary, increase your employee productivity by only servicing the products when necessary and monitor levels remotely.
Differentiate Yourself from Your Competitors

If you’re not sure where to start, consider a free, 30-minute consultation with Justin Grammens to discuss how Lab651 and Our Process can get you started! Inquire with us at