Harnessing the Power of the Internet of Things

The past month was a blur as the team at Lab651 was not only building connected products for our awesome clients, but I was also busy working with IoTFuse to execute on our 1000+ person conference called IoT Fuse: Conference 2017, teaching the Internet of Things at the University of Saint Thomas and publishing the IoT Weekly News. Needless to say, it was a busy April!

Stephen Dupont

However, with all of that going on I was lucky enough to be interviewed by Stephen Dupont, a highly respected expert in public relations, marketing communications, and branding. Stephen published a discussion we had on Harnessing the Power of the Internet of Things. He asked some really great questions during our conversation, which gave me the opportunity to expand on topics and where I see its applications being applied as the Internet of Things evolve.

If you are curious about my perspective as to what is going on not only in the local market regarding making smart, connected products ( IoT ) but also some larger applications, I welcome you to check out our discussion and please contact Lab651 if you are looking for resources to help your company and product evolve into this new connected world!