Hackathon Day with Lab651

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Hackathon Day


Back in 2014, Justin Grammens helped create the first IoT Hack Day in Minnesota. The event’s motto is, “Create IoT Products, Make Friends, Build Startups and Have Fun!”. The team at Lab651 took the same approach last Friday by brainstorming a real-world problem they’d like to solve with technology, specifically an IoT solution.


We started the morning with bagels from the St. Paul Bagelry and sharing what our project for the day is, how we’ll approach it and the tools being used. After some much needed coffee and “fuel”, we split off. Everyone worked diligently for a few hours before our lunch from Naughty Greek hit the table. During lunch, we shared where we were at so far, if we’ll hit our goals for the day in the next few hours, and any hack tips from our coworkers. 

Hackathon Team at Lab651

Within the next few weeks, I’ll share what each individual chose to work on for Hack Day, the takeaway, and how/if they decide to implement this into real life.

Stay tuned!