Enabling IoT Into Wood Pellet Grills

We assisted Memphis Grills with connecting their wood pellet grills by adding useful and exciting new technology.

Connected Wood Pellet GrillsThe team at Lab651 designed a board to take data from the grill controller, send it via WiFi to the cloud to allow the customer to interact with their grill via a mobile app and Amazon Alexa skill and control it via their own voice. This gives their customers, the ability to not only access and control their grill from anywhere, but Memphis Grills more data on how their grills are being used by their customers and allows them to build better grills in the future.


The connected mobile and Alexa application includes features like:

  • Grill and probe temperature monitored from anywhere
  • Remotely adjust the probe and grill temperature
  • Set timers and reminders to alert them in the app or via Alexa
  • Safely power off the grill from anywhere
  • Ask Alexa the current temperature and adjust the grill through voice commands

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