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The team at Lab 651 has more than 20 years of experience in embedded software, electrical engineering and wireless design services. With more than 1000 projects that involve wireless designs, you can trust that we have the team to build your connected product from concept to production under one roof.

Embedded Systems Case Studies

Rodney Landers | Cofounder

​Rodney Landers leads our Lab 651 team of seasoned embedded systems engineers, ready to tackle a wide range of problems. He believes that technology should integrate seamlessly and transparently into everyday life. Rodney has been in the M2M/IoT area for more than 20 years, and, in addition to holding several patents, he is a serial entrepreneur. His work, which includes an automatic landing system for commercial aircraft and E911 for cell phones, impacts the lives of millions of people every day.

Embedded Systems

Our engineers help our customers build intelligent, connected devices that are manageable and secure. Your company can then focus on the business at hand, rather than the threats that are abroad.
  • Electrical Engineering

    We design and build electronics at a speed that has not been seen at any of our competitors. Our process, which includes leveraging previously validated functional blocks, allows us to focus on your overall design, versus picking the right component for a sub-circuit.

  • Wireless Design

    We believe that connected means wireless, and it’s crucial that the right connectivity is leveraged for the application at hand. Our team can help you stay on the right path, versus walking the gauntlet.

  • Firmware Development

    In a world of changing requirements and ever-increasing threats, we believe every product should have remote management capabilities, and implement standards-based security measures. The result? Your team can stay focused on delighting your customers.

The end-result for you, our customer – whether you’re creating a product, service, or improving your own business process – is this: we help you create greater value by connecting the physical world to your digital universe, using data from connected devices to drive value and return on investment.

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