Welcome to the team – Chris Agbolade!

Introducing a new member of the Lab651 team, Chris Agbolade! We’re excited to have Chris on board as a software test engineer.

Get to know Chris:

1.     What bucket list item do you most want to check off in the next six months?

–       Run half marathon
–       Sky dive
–       Visit 2 new states
–       Visit Mt. Rushmore

2.    What was your favorite class in college?

–       Physics and Mathematics

3.    What meal would you cook for someone that you’re trying to impress?

–       Plantain and egg
–       Jollof rice (you’ll love it)

4.    If you had one extra hour of free time every day, how would you use it?

–       Fuel my addiction on reading about random stuff
–       Watch more YouTube videos
–       Break and fix more gadgets.

5.    What was your favorite childhood movie?

–       Drunken Master

6.    What qualities do you think are best in a teammate/coworker?

–       Ability to argue with logic
–       Ability to see the bigger picture
–       Trust
–       Hard Work

7. What is your position at Lab651 and what are you most looking forward to working here?

–       Software Test Engineer
Looking forward to SDLC and the integration of IoT