Company outing at the Saints game

The team at Lab651 got together for a company outing at the Saint Paul Saints game

The Crew Gets Together Each quarter, the team at Lab651 gets together for a special company outing. This fall, we decided on one of our favorite activities, which was spending the evening outside at the Saint Paul Saints game with our friends and family. We rented out a suite, had a ballpark dinner together, and…

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Learning Particle Photon – With a Motion Sensor

Learning Particle Photon - Adding a Motion Sensor

This blog post has been written by our 2021 summer intern, Renna. Renna has been a great asset here at Lab651 and we are excited to provide Renna with opportunities to further pursue her passions. Be sure to read part 1. (SciTech Internship Program writeup on Renna.) ~~~~~~~~~ Part 2 – A Servo Motor +…

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Starting a Podcast on IoT

Reflections on Podcasting & the AIoT Thank you for reading about all the latest things going on with myself and our team at Lab651! As many of you may not know, it has been more than a year since I took on the initiative of creating my first podcast – “Conversation on Applied AI” and…

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Since Starting My Podcast | Justin Grammens | #30DaysofLearning

Starting a Podcast

Since my last blog post on creating the Conversations on Applied AI Podcast, I have now recorded numerous episodes, 6 of which are public with 2 more being mixed and mastered this coming week. It’s been quite a learning experience! I’ve loved the time that I’ve spent talking with fellow Artificial Intelligence enthusiasts and practitioners.…

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Leadership Tactics, Humility | Troy Pongratz | #30DaysofLearning

Part 1 & Part 2 Humility Leaders cannot lead from a tower.  They need to get down and put their boots on the ground. They need to get the best information possible to help them make decisions.  Good information can come from anybody.  If there is a problem with a manufacturing line and an engineer…

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Game Theory | Robert Waddell | #30DaysofLearning

Game Theory

An Introductory Course on Game Theory After listening to enough Freakonomics and other podcasts I figured it would be interesting to learn a little more about Game Theory.  Plus I couldn’t find any free beer sommelier classes. Introduction to Game Theory or Never Go Against a Sicilian When DEATH is on the Line! After hearing…

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