A New Way to Access the Gym

Anytime Fitness is improving their customer experience by implementing NFC technology to allow their members gym access with their phone.

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Maintaining a Competitive Advantage with an Under-Appreciated Industrial Machine; The Paint Mixer

Smart Paint Mixer

Once you select a paint color at your local hardware store, you head to the paint counter to have it mixed. A can of base paint is opened, and colors are added to it, then the can is closed and inserted into a paint mixer. This machine shakes, spins, and rotates the can for around…

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Kenmore Smart Appliances

Kenmore Smart Appliances | Lab651

Our Mission: We help companies decrease costs, open new revenue streams, and improve the experience with their customers. By developing devices and software that generate and manage data, we make new things possible. Smart Appliances Connected appliances are changing the industry for major brands like Amazon, Best Buy, and Sears. Their appliance functions boast ease and convenience…

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Perfecting Your Golf Swing

Golf Swing Analyzer

A golf swing can be tricky to master because there’s so much that goes into it; your grip, stance, head position and more. It can be a lot to manage on your own. That’s where SkyPro Golf Swing Analyzer comes in.

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The State of Hockey and EZ Hockey Puck

Hundreds of kids across the state of Minnesota are now able to quickly learn how to perfect a passing technique called, “saucing the puck” (airborne passing) thanks to a partnership between ProGuard, a Minnesota sports retailer, and Lab651.

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A Lifesaving App for Those in Need

Vitals Aware Services | Lab651

Vitals Aware Services has a potentially life-saving application for individuals with invisible vulnerabilities. An individual with a disability utilizes the app to assist in communication with emergency service personnel. Vulnerable adults can lack the confidence and ability to speak with law enforcement due to an impaired sense of danger or from feeling overwhelmed; these responses…

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Lab Work: UR TURN

As a part of an ongoing series we are starting called “Lab Work”, we will be interviewing a handful of the amazing clients that we are blessed to have the opportunity to support through our experience in Mobile/Cloud Applications and Data Science. This month, we will be talking with Angie Eilers from UR TURN. A…

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Vitals Aware Services Releases Life Saving Technology

Vitals Aware Services beacon | Lab651

Vitals Aware Services, a client of Lab651, is releasing mobile and web applications with IoT based technology created by our team to more than 500 police officers in Dakota County, Minnesota with a number of other law enforcement agencies around the United States set to pilot the program in the coming months. Coverage by the…

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Building Connected Classrooms

Connected Classroom | Lab651

Outside of running the mobile and web applications team at Lab651, I teach a graduate-level course on the Internet of Things at the University of Saint Thomas. I have had the opportunity to experience situations where I wished that I was omniscient; able to see, hear and know all in the classroom. Therefore, when Wildflower…

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