Rethinking Device Interaction in Pandemic Times

Device Interaction, Remote, Touchless | Lab651

Rethink Device Interaction Since the introduction of the iPhone, an increasing number of devices haveadopted touchscreens as a means of interacting with them.Touchscreens have become so pervasive, that our instinct is to touch a screen whether it is designed to be touched or not. We use them at virtually all payment terminals, gas pumps, restaurants,…

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Why You Should Upgrade Your Machine | Industrial IoT

At Lab651 We help companies decrease costs, open new revenue streams, and improve the experience with their customers. By developing devices and software that generate and manage data, we make new things possible. Upgrading your Machines We believe that providing better customer experience and value should be the main priority of your business. This is the…

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Off-the-Shelf or Custom Solution – What’s Right for Your Connected Product?

Custom or Off the Shelf Solution | Lab651

When it comes to building a solution for your connected product, there are two paths you can take: a custom-built solution or an off-the-shelf. We believe that each solution, whether custom or off-the-shelf, has its place. It should be determined by a number of factors like, whether you’ve prototyped, what your internal technical capabilities are,…

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The 4 Biggest Barriers to the Success of your Connected Product

4 Biggest Barriers to your Product's Success

The Success of your Connected Product The success of your connected product is the ultimate goal. Unfortunately there can be some set backs along the way. Here are the 4 biggest barriers that can set back your project. If you want to avoid running into these problems, or are currently stuck, contact us and we’ll…

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It’s Never Too Late for a Workshop

Discovery Workshop You read our last blog post, right? “You’ve Developed an MVP, Now What?” When you launch a phase of your MVP you are beginning the Build, Measure, Learn wheel again. Ideally, you would start our discovery workshop before you launch your MVP. That way, our workshops can devise the best plan possible for…

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You’ve developed a minimum viable product (MVP), what’s next?

Taking prototype into production Your MVP, or your basic, essentials-only product, is ready for launch. So what’s next? Once you launch your MVP, the ultimate goal is to take the data collected from your MVP and launch a fully developed product/system. For your MVP to be successful for launch, be sure to follow these steps.…

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Increase Business Efficiencies with the Internet of Things

IoT Meeting

Increase Business Efficiencies with the Internet of Things Embracing IoT is a big step and a huge investment. Almost anything and everything in your business could become an IoT product, which can make the process overwhelming. But what we’ve seen at Lab651 is the business and employee efficiencies gained from implementing IoT trumps the initial…

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5 Things to Talk About With an Engineering Partner

Engineering | Lab651

When you decide to take on a business transformation, like implementing an IoT strategy, you’ll likely meet and want to partner with an engineering firm to start your project’s roadmap. Here are some things that they’ll need to know in order to fully understand every component of your project and engineer the best solution possible…

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3 Reasons Why You Should Hire Expert Consultants for Your Next IoT Project

IoT Consultation

Hiring Expert Consultant Benefits Save time, money, and efforts by hiring expert consultants versus hiring in-house. 1. ACCESS Hiring expert consultants for your project means that you have access to anyone, anywhere in the world with the right capabilities to make your project the best it can be, no matter its uniqueness.  2. SPEED Get…

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Emerging Technology; 5 Internet of Things Facts

94% of businesses who have implemented IoT strategies have seen a ROI | Lab651

2019 Internet of Things Facts The Internet of Things is growing rapidly. IoT refers to anything and everything connected to the Internet and sharing data. Some of the most common consumer devices that are connected to the Internet are your newer appliances, like your refrigerator or thermostat, or your wearables, like your Fitbit or Apple…

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