Maintaining a Competitive Advantage with an Under-Appreciated Industrial Machine; The Paint Mixer

Smart Paint Mixer

Once you select a paint color at your local hardware store, you head to the paint counter to have it mixed. A can of base paint is opened, and colors are added to it, then the can is closed and inserted into a paint mixer. This machine shakes, spins, and rotates the can for around…

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Helping an Old Company Rethink Their Service Model

The Challenge Manufacturers and suppliers of commodities are trying to establish a direct link to consumers and to strengthen their competitive position. The emerging concept known as product as a service (PaaS) transforms a product from a standalone function from a supplier to an integrated product and service offering. Examples of PaaS include a manufacturer using widely available…

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Building an Industrial Grade Smart Level Sensing Application

The Challenge Implementing an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is an expensive proposition, as it should be because an ERP solution typically manages all critical and commercial functions of a business. Automation between processes enables data sharing and enhanced visibility to make better and efficient business decisions. Another form of ERP automation involves the incorporation…

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Just-In-Time Supply Chain Done Right

JIT aims to cut costs by reducing the number of goods and materials that a firm holds in stock. One of the most critical, fundamental, and costly aspects of JIT is knowing real-time inventory levels. So when a large chemical company needed to automate its supply chain in a JIT fashion, it called on Lab651.

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Lab651 to Advance Capabilities in Digital Product Design with Acquisition of Applied Logic Engineering

Lab651's Acquisition of Applied Logic

Lab651 announced the acquisition of Applied Logic Engineering. The acquisition of Applied Logic Engineering will strengthen Lab651’s service portfolio in embedded product development and aligns with the strategy of Lab651 to further provide end-to-end design services for connected solutions.

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Automating Weld Inspection

Currently, CWI’s rely on manual measurements and hand calculations – which is both time consuming and error-prone.

Our customer travels the world as a commercial welder and saw an opportunity to improve the reliability and efficiency of welding inspection – by automating the process.

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Kenmore Smart Appliances

Kenmore Smart Appliances | Lab651

Our Mission: We help companies decrease costs, open new revenue streams, and improve the experience with their customers. By developing devices and software that generate and manage data, we make new things possible. Smart Appliances Connected appliances are changing the industry for major brands like Amazon, Best Buy, and Sears. Their appliance functions boast ease and convenience…

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The Remote Monitoring Tipping Point

Remote product monitoring | Lab651

One of the compelling benefits of a connected product is the ability to monitor the product from anywhere.  Whether it’s a leak sensor monitoring a basement for flooding, vibration sensors monitoring the health of factory machines, or power monitors measuring the flow of electricity in a distribution network, the power of pervasive connectivity allows us…

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Rethinking Device Interaction in Pandemic Times

Device Interaction, Remote, Touchless | Lab651

Rethink Device Interaction Since the introduction of the iPhone, an increasing number of devices haveadopted touchscreens as a means of interacting with them.Touchscreens have become so pervasive, that our instinct is to touch a screen whether it is designed to be touched or not. We use them at virtually all payment terminals, gas pumps, restaurants,…

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Why You Should Upgrade Your Machine | Industrial IoT

At Lab651 We help companies decrease costs, open new revenue streams, and improve the experience with their customers. By developing devices and software that generate and manage data, we make new things possible. Upgrading your Machines We believe that providing better customer experience and value should be the main priority of your business. This is the…

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