Learning Particle Photon

This blog post has been written by our 2021 summer intern, Renna. Renna has been a great asset here at Lab651 and we are excited to provide Renna with opportunities to further pursue her passions. SciTech Internship Program writeup. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Since taking an Embedded Devices course at the University of St. Thomas, I have had…

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TensorFlow Lite – Applying Machine Learning at the Edge

Welcome to Part 3 of my series on TensorFlow! If you haven’t had a chance to read Part 1 on TensorFlow and Google Colab or Part 2 on TensorFlow Serving, I highly recommend going back and checking those out. While this blog post can stand on its own, it would help to review those earlier…

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Why You Should Upgrade Your Machine | Industrial IoT

At Lab651 We help companies decrease costs, open new revenue streams, and improve the experience with their customers. By developing devices and software that generate and manage data, we make new things possible. Upgrading your Machines We believe that providing better customer experience and value should be the main priority of your business. This is the…

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Off-the-Shelf or Custom Solution – What’s Right for Your Connected Product?

Custom or Off the Shelf Solution | Lab651

When it comes to building a solution for your connected product, there are two paths you can take: a custom-built solution or an off-the-shelf. We believe that each solution, whether custom or off-the-shelf, has its place. It should be determined by a number of factors like, whether you’ve prototyped, what your internal technical capabilities are,…

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The 4 Biggest Barriers to the Success of your Connected Product

4 Biggest Barriers to your Product's Success

The Success of your Connected Product The success of your connected product is the ultimate goal. Unfortunately there can be some set backs along the way. Here are the 4 biggest barriers that can set back your project. If you want to avoid running into these problems, or are currently stuck, contact us and we’ll…

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You’ve developed a minimum viable product (MVP), what’s next?

Taking prototype into production Your MVP, or your basic, essentials-only product, is ready for launch. So what’s next? Once you launch your MVP, the ultimate goal is to take the data collected from your MVP and launch a fully developed product/system. For your MVP to be successful for launch, be sure to follow these steps.…

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Increase Business Efficiencies with the Internet of Things

IoT Meeting

Increase Business Efficiencies with the Internet of Things Embracing IoT is a big step and a huge investment. Almost anything and everything in your business could become an IoT product, which can make the process overwhelming. But what we’ve seen at Lab651 is the business and employee efficiencies gained from implementing IoT trumps the initial…

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Speaking at John Carroll University on IoT

Justin Grammens speaks at JCU

I was honored to have been invited by Dr. Scott Allen to speak at John Carroll University in April on “The Internet of Things – Making the Physical World Smarter.” It was an extremely fun and engaging audience and I enjoyed every minute of the presentation. What made this presentation unique was that it was…

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