The team at Lab 651 has more than 20 years of experience in embedded software, mechanical & electrical engineering, mobile & web applications and data science. It's with this experience that enables our team to build intelligent products and services end-to-end under one roof.

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"I had other options, but I'm so glad that I chose Lab 651."


"The mobile team under the direction of Justin executed beyond our wildest dreams."

— VP, Emerging Digital Platforms & Mobile, Best Buy

"You are done already? I'm impressed. You guys are fast."

— Director of Operations, Business Intelligence Company

"Justin's mobile and web application development team are some of the best engineers I've worked with."

— Food Safety Expert

Mobile Apps & Data Science

With more than 20 years of experience and a recognized leader in emerging technology, Justin Grammens leads our team of mobile & web application and data science engineers. We help our customers build internet connected products and mobile apps that provide functionality and employ data analytics for actionable intelligence.
  • Mobile Applications

    Our team designs and builds native iOS and Android Applications that allow your customers to connect with your product. Having built mobile applications for Best Buy, Thomson Reuters, Buzzfeed, McDonald's, and other Fortune 100 companies, we have the experience to bring your application to market.

  • Cloud Infrastructure and Applications

    Whether it's building a custom web-based application to monitor and manage your devices or leveraging an existing off-the-shelf solution, our team has seen it all. We build and consume APIs that are hosted in the cloud by AWS, Azure, or Google. Based on your needs, we bring the best solution to your product.

  • Data Science

    Having access to PhDs and top talent in data science from local universities is one of the key points that differentiates Lab 651 from other firms. We have the expertise in machine learning, artificial intelligence, and Internet of Things to make your product intelligent.

  • Security

    Our team of seasoned Software Engineers have worked for decades securing data in the cloud. Banking, Retail, Medical and Legal records are just some of the areas that we have experience in helping our clients sleep at night knowing that their data is secure.

  • Agile Development

    Our leads have more than 20 years of experience in building software for a diverse set industries. Lab 651 has created a solid and well defined software development lifecycle (SDLC).

  • Rapid Prototyping

    Speed to market is important. In just days, we're able to create mobile applications, store data in the cloud, and start analysis for iteration. Working with our application team means you spend less time talking and more time iterating to your final product.

Whether you’re creating a product, service, or improving your own business process, the end-result for you, our customer, is clear. We help you create greater value by building mobile applications and using data from connected devices that enables your return on investment.

We Have Decades of Experience in Software Engineering and Data Analytics

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Embedded Systems

Rodney Landers, a M2M/IoT veteran for more than 20 years, and who holds several patents, leads our team of seasoned embedded systems engineers. We help our customers build intelligent, connected devices that are manageable and secure.
  • Electrical Engineering

    We design and build electronics at a speed that has not been seen at any of our competitors. Our process, which includes leveraging previously validated functional blocks, allows us to focus on your overall design, versus picking the right component for a sub-circuit.

  • Wireless Design

    We believe that connected means wireless, and it’s crucial that the right connectivity is leveraged for the application at hand. Our team can help you stay on the right path, versus walking the gauntlet.

  • Firmware Development

    In a world of changing requirements and ever-increasing threats, we believe every product should have remote management capabilities, and implement standards-based security measures. The result? Your team can stay focused on delighting your customers.

The end-result for you, our customer – whether you’re creating a product, service, or improving your own business process – is this: we help you create greater value by connecting the physical world to your digital universe, using data from connected devices to drive value and return on investment.

We Build Embedded Systems That Are Rock Solid!

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Mechanical & Industrial Design

Troy Pongratz, who has several patents and who has been involved in product design for more than 20 years, leads our product design team at Lab 651. Our talented team is intuitive, adaptable and solution oriented. We offer a wide range of services related to product design, bringing consumer and industrial products to market.
  • Industrial Design

    At the start of a project, it’s difficult to have a vision of the final product. It can be a paralyzing problem, which we’ve learned to overcome. Our process weighs all competing requirements and funnels them into a clear and winning design.

  • Full Spectrum

    We can handle every step from design to manufacturing-ready. Our product design services span concept to tooling-ready state. All aspects such as material selection, part design, vendor selection, and documentation are part of our capabilities. We can work as part of a team or offer a full turnkey solution.

  • Implementation Support

    Once the product design is fully developed, it must be implemented into manufacturing. We’re accustomed to generating documentation, assembly procedures, bills of materials, and helping with regulatory agencies to make the transition to manufacturing a reality. We’ve developed many industry contacts through our resource network to facilitate this process.

  • Product Support

    Once your product is ramped up into production, Lab 651 can help you solve ongoing product issues such as cost reduction, quality issues, and design changes related to high-volume manufacturing. We help you support the product through its full life cycle.

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