Maintaining a Competitive Advantage with an Under-Appreciated Industrial Machine; The Paint Mixer

Smart Paint Mixer

Once you select a paint color at your local hardware store, you head to the paint counter to have it mixed. A can of base paint is opened, and colors are added to it, then the can is closed and inserted into a paint mixer. This machine shakes, spins, and rotates the can for around…

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Helping an Old Company Rethink Their Service Model

The Challenge Manufacturers and suppliers of commodities are trying to establish a direct link to consumers and to strengthen their competitive position. The emerging concept known as product as a service (PaaS) transforms a product from a standalone function from a supplier to an integrated product and service offering. Examples of PaaS include a manufacturer using widely available…

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Building an Industrial Grade Smart Level Sensing Application

The Challenge Implementing an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is an expensive proposition, as it should be because an ERP solution typically manages all critical and commercial functions of a business. Automation between processes enables data sharing and enhanced visibility to make better and efficient business decisions. Another form of ERP automation involves the incorporation…

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Just-In-Time Supply Chain Done Right

JIT aims to cut costs by reducing the number of goods and materials that a firm holds in stock. One of the most critical, fundamental, and costly aspects of JIT is knowing real-time inventory levels. So when a large chemical company needed to automate its supply chain in a JIT fashion, it called on Lab651.

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Lab651 to Advance Capabilities in Digital Product Design with Acquisition of Applied Logic Engineering

Lab651's Acquisition of Applied Logic

Lab651 announced the acquisition of Applied Logic Engineering. The acquisition of Applied Logic Engineering will strengthen Lab651’s service portfolio in embedded product development and aligns with the strategy of Lab651 to further provide end-to-end design services for connected solutions.

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Generating Bad Movie Reviews with TensorFlow: Part 2 | Nathan Salazar | #30DaysofLearning

Generating Bad Movie Reviews with Tensorflow 2

In my last blog post, we discussed how to generate bad movie reviews using a text generator, where the input data was based on sequences of words. But you can also generate text by using an input sequence of individual characters, with a character-based RNN. This is particularly useful when trying to generate text that…

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Leadership Tactics, Humility | Troy Pongratz | #30DaysofLearning

Part 1 & Part 2 Humility Leaders cannot lead from a tower.  They need to get down and put their boots on the ground. They need to get the best information possible to help them make decisions.  Good information can come from anybody.  If there is a problem with a manufacturing line and an engineer…

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Justin Grammens | The People

Justin Grammens and his family

Co-founder Justin Grammens shares a little bit about himself for our featured employee: favorite books, role models, and exciting new technologies

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