Starting a Podcast on IoT

Reflections on Podcasting & the AIoT Thank you for reading about all the latest things going on with myself and our team at Lab651! As many of you may not know, it has been more than a year since I took on the initiative of creating my first podcast – “Conversation on Applied AI” and…

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TensorFlow Lite – Applying Machine Learning at the Edge

Welcome to Part 3 of my series on TensorFlow! If you haven’t had a chance to read Part 1 on TensorFlow and Google Colab or Part 2 on TensorFlow Serving, I highly recommend going back and checking those out. While this blog post can stand on its own, it would help to review those earlier…

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Since Starting My Podcast | Justin Grammens | #30DaysofLearning

Starting a Podcast

Since my last blog post on creating the Conversations on Applied AI Podcast, I have now recorded numerous episodes, 6 of which are public with 2 more being mixed and mastered this coming week. It’s been quite a learning experience! I’ve loved the time that I’ve spent talking with fellow Artificial Intelligence enthusiasts and practitioners.…

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How We Invest in Creating Magic | #30DaysofLearning


I was listening to an audiobook a few months back and a line jumped out at me that made me stop what I was doing and take a moment to reflect. The author said, “Magic happens in 30 days”. Huh… It occurred to me then and there that based on this simple statement, we could create…

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Starting a Podcast | Justin Grammens | #30DaysofLearning

AppliedAI Podcast

I’ll be using the #30DaysofLearning at Lab651 to learn what and document my journey of creating a podcast. I intend to document the steps that I’m going through to launch the podcast. Everything from the software, hardware, guest selection, the time needed for preparation, and general work that I will learn it takes to generate a podcast on Applied AI.

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Speaking at John Carroll University on IoT

Justin Grammens speaks at JCU

I was honored to have been invited by Dr. Scott Allen to speak at John Carroll University in April on “The Internet of Things – Making the Physical World Smarter.” It was an extremely fun and engaging audience and I enjoyed every minute of the presentation. What made this presentation unique was that it was…

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Azure IoT Presentation at International NDC Conference

I was honored to have the opportunity to speak at the internationally known NDC conference this past May that was held in downtown Saint Paul, MN. With such a wide array of speakers and technologies being covered, it was an amazing experience to be networking with fellow presenters, attendees, and sponsors from all over the…

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IoT and Data Security

One cannot speak on IoT without referring to the data collected from the smart devices all around us. This is a key topic of discussion with our clients at Lab651. As I have taught students taking my Internet of Things class at the University of Saint Thomas, what’s so special about the data that comes…

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