Welcome to the Team | Renna Hintermeister

Introducing a new member of the Lab651 team, Renna Hintermeister. Renna is our quality assurance tester with a strong passion for learning – she’s a great addition to the team! You may have seen her SciTech Internship Program write up. She has also written two blog posts while learning Particle Photon (part 1 & part 2)…

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Company outing at the Saints game

The team at Lab651 got together for a company outing at the Saint Paul Saints game

The Crew Gets Together Each quarter, the team at Lab651 gets together for a special company outing. This fall, we decided on one of our favorite activities, which was spending the evening outside at the Saint Paul Saints game with our friends and family. We rented out a suite, had a ballpark dinner together, and…

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Enabling IoT Into Wood Pellet Grills

We assisted Memphis Grills with connecting their wood pellet grills by adding useful and exciting new technology. The team at Lab651 designed a board to take data from the grill controller, send it via WiFi to the cloud to allow the customer to interact with their grill via a mobile app and Amazon Alexa skill…

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IoT & IoMT; Emerging Technologies

Connected fitness, Fitbit, Apple Watch, Samsung, wearables | Lab651

How Wearable Technologies Will Shape the Future Earlier this month, Co-Founder Justin Grammens was the panel moderator at the Minnesota Entrepreneur Conference. The topic: emerging technologies. When talking about emerging technology, it’s super cool to talk about AI, robotics, and autonomous vehicles. But even cooler, in my opinion, is IoMT (internet of medical things) and its…

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