About Us

We lead innovative work that radically changes people's lives

Our Mission

We help companies decrease costs, open new revenue streams, and improve the experience with their customers. By developing devices and software that generate and manage data, we make new things possible.

Our Core Values

Do the Right Thing

While the word “right” is subjective, we believe that inherently there’s a common set of choices that one can make in how they behave ethically and morally.


Teamwork is key at Lab651. We won't solve the problems of tomorrow without working together, respecting each other's views and collaborating to find the best solutions.

Own It

Your co-workers, our customers and the founders of Lab651 count on you to do the best job you can. This involves admitting success and sometimes failure.

Always Learning

We want people who are inherently inquisitive and want to learn on our team. Jobs are boring if you are not growing, learning and becoming better at what you do.

Customer First

Our reputation and experience are one of the key differentiators at Lab651. Keeping the best interests of our customers in mind and their needs first are critical to staying in business and allows us to continue to be successful.

Meet Our Team

Each of our co-founders has been in the business of developing connected devices and systems for more than 20 years. With this experience under our belts, our team can drive to a solution with minimal iterations. We know what works and what doesn't.


Justin Grammens, Co-Founder, Our Team Lab651

Justin Grammens | Co-Founder

Justin leads our team of mobile & web application and data science engineers. Justin lives at the intersection of emerging technology and leading communities on the Internet of Things. He has been building mobile applications and cloud-based software solutions for more than 20 years with clients ranging from startups to Fortune 100 companies. Justin is a Co-founder of IoT Fuse, a 501(c)(3) non-profit with the mission to position Minnesota as a leader in connected products and is an adjunct professor at the University of St. Thomas teaching a graduate-level course on the Internet of Things.

Troy Pongratz, Co-Founder, Our Team Lab651

Troy Pongratz | Co-Founder

Troy leads our product design team at Lab651. He has been involved in product design for more than 20 years in industries such as medical, consumer, and industrial products. His work has yielded multiple patents. An experienced consultant with both large and small companies, Troy brings a team approach to designing products and integrating new products in multiple disciplines. Troy and his team consider it their responsibility to support a product design from beginning to end to ensure its success in the marketplace.

Breon Nagy, Our Team Lab651
Breon Nagy
Software Team Lead
Catherine Rice, Project Manager | Lab651
Catherine Rice
Project Manager
David Solberg, Our Team Lab651
David Solberg
Software Engineer
Emily Bruss, Our Team Lab651
Emily Bruss
Digital Marketing
Jake Berendes, Our Team Lab651
Jake Berendes
UI/UX Designer
Martin Grider, Our Team Lab651
Martin Grider
Software Engineer
Nathan Salazar, Our Team Lab651
Nathan Salazar
Software Engineer
Nick Ashworth <br/>
Partner, Embedded Design
Nick Ashworth
Partner, Embedded Design
Robert Waddell, Our Team Lab651
Robert Waddell
Sr. Mechanical Engineer
Ryan Inman, Our Team Lab651
Ryan Inman
Software Engineer
Todd Cochran <br/>
Software Architect
Todd Cochran
Software Architect

Our Partners

Amy Tweet, Our Team Lab651
Amy Tweet
Bill Galfano, Our Team Lab651
Bill Galfano
Joe Schneider, Our Team Lab651
Joe Schneider
Dojo Five
Nick Tietz, Our Team Lab651
Nick Tietz
The Sota Enterprises

Lab651 Alumni

Our Team Lab651
Anna Heithoff
Mechanical Engineer
Our Team Lab651
Randy Casper
Lead Electrical Engineer
Our Team Lab651
Toua Vang
Computer Engineer
Chad Rosenow, Our Team Lab651
Chad Rosenow
Our Team Lab651
Annie Tomassoni
Software Engineer
Our Team Lab651
Marty Pribula
Sr. Mechanical Engineer
Glyde Burdick, Our Team Lab651
Glyde Burdick
Software Engineer
Our Team Lab651
Chris Olsen
Software Engineer
Our Team Lab651
David Vandekieft
VP, Technical Sales
Mike Novi, Our Team Lab651
Mike Novi
Software Architect
& Data Scientist
Our Team Lab651
Curt Black
Lead Embedded Engineer
Our Team Lab651
Ryan Abrahamson
EE Team Lead
Sean Casserly, Our Team Lab651
Sean Casserly
Software Engineer

Lab651 Has the Team & Experience to Deliver Results