We can’t find the right words for what the world has been going through lately with the global pandemic. But as a company, we believe in “people first”— you and your family’s wellbeing above all else. We wanted to use this time to emphasize this to our employees by enabling them to utilize hours not allocated to clients to pursue something that interests them.

For the next 30 days, our employees were tasked with learning something new and blogging on their experiences.

Here’s what some of our employees have chosen to work on for their #30DaysofLearning:

  • Making dough/bread
  • Starting a podcast
  • Studying Ayurveda
  • Certifying in TensorFlow
  • Studying game theory
  • Learning new time management skills
  • Certifying in AWS
  • Learning new leadership tactics

We are excited to share updates with you all within the next few weeks on each employee’s progress.

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