5 Things to Talk About With an Engineering Partner

Engineering | Lab651

When you decide to take on a business transformation, like implementing an IoT strategy, you’ll likely meet and want to partner with an engineering firm to start your project’s roadmap. Here are some things that they’ll need to know in order to fully understand every component of your project and engineer the best solution possible…

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3 Reasons Why You Should Hire Expert Consultants for Your Next IoT Project

IoT Consultation

Hiring Expert Consultant Benefits Save time, money, and efforts by hiring expert consultants versus hiring in-house. 1. ACCESS Hiring expert consultants for your project means that you have access to anyone, anywhere in the world with the right capabilities to make your project the best it can be, no matter its uniqueness.  2. SPEED Get…

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Speaking at John Carroll University on IoT

Justin Grammens speaks at JCU

I was honored to have been invited by Dr. Scott Allen to speak at John Carroll University in April on “The Internet of Things – Making the Physical World Smarter.” It was an extremely fun and engaging audience and I enjoyed every minute of the presentation. What made this presentation unique was that it was…

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