Experimentation Needed When Building IoT Products

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Lab651 cofounder Justin Grammens had a great time giving a few thoughts about experimentation in IoT at a Meetup event held July 27th at the University of St. Thomas. It was put on by the Twin Cities Spark and Hadoop User Group. Brad Rubin gave an inspiring talk on using a sensor to measure the…

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User Experience Is Critical for Connected Products

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User experience was the focus when Lab 651 cofounders Justin Grammens and Rodney Landers spoke recently about how to create the best-connected product for your target market. The event was the July meeting of the Minnesota Inventors Network Meetup, entitled “How to Add the Power of  The Internet of Things to Your Inventions.” It was…

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Innovation Can Start in Unexpected Places

Augsburg College held a “mini-Ted Talk” style event July 7 at Sisyphus Brewing in Minneapolis, which they called “7 People, 7 Passions, 7 Minutes.” The event featured insightful talks from seven of its passionate alumni. Lab651 cofounder Justin Grammens was privileged to be one of them. His talk was about how new product innovation inevitably…

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