We make new things possible, mobile header | Lab651
We make new things possible, mobile header | Lab651
We make new things possible, mobile header | Lab651
We make new things possible, mobile header | Lab651

Lab651, where we make new things possible.

Innovative Product Design Solutions

  • Software, Electrical & Mechanical product development
  • Wireless technology for mobile, remote and cloud applications (IoT)
  • Companion software for industrial, consumer and retail products

What we do

  • Industrial, consumer, and medical
  • Asset tracking, commodity management, and preventative maintenance
  • Shipping and logistics
  • Retail apps and e-commerce
  • Consumer electronics and appliances

How we do it

  • Create wireless technology from end to end
  • Physical and electrical component design
  • Data managing to create actionable and meaningful information
  • Android and iOS mobile application development
  • Alexa Skills and Google Assistant applications

Our Latest Work

Radia Paint

As an industry leader in mixing for over a century, Radia is always looking at maintaining a competitive advantage. What they lack is proper insight into how their products are utilized by their customers. Data such as the number of cans mixed per day, the frequency at which paint is mixed, and whether the machine is due for maintenance is provided manually (if at all).

With the introduction of their next-generation paint mixer, Radia is equipping the unit with additional sensing and diagnostics along with cellular connectivity. The benefit to them is closing the feedback loop of machine to manufacturer. The benefit to the customer is continuous monitoring of their equipment enabling maintenance intervention before a mixer breaks down.

What’s Happening at the Lab

TensorFlow Lite – Applying Machine Learning at the Edge

Welcome to Part 3 of my series on TensorFlow! If you haven’t had a chance to read Part 1 on TensorFlow and Google Colab or Part 2 on TensorFlow Serving, I highly recommend going back and checking those out. While this blog post can stand on its own, it…

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Plan Better, Save More

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Discover channels of
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When you leave this workshop, you will be confident knowing you have a comprehensive digital plan that will grow and expand with your business.