Connecting the Physical World to the Digital Universe™

Connecting the Physical World to the Digital Universe™

“We are at the start of a new age of computing — Industrial Internet enabled devices will be everywhere. We have the depth and experience to help your business advance in this new world.”

— Justin Grammens, Cofounder

We Bring The Team to Create the Next Generation of Connected Products

Mobile Apps &
Data Science

Mobile applications, sensors, and data analytics create insights from the usage data of physical products in unique ways.

Gain insights into the usage data of your physical products and business assets in the real world.


Products are best designed from the inside out. Learn how our approach drives the external form, look, and feel.

Discover our embedded systems capabilities.

Mechanical & Industrial Design

We offer full services to bring your product design from concept to a tooling-ready state. Find out how.

Discover our product design and development capabilities.

“The engineering of five years ago is not today’s way. We move quickly — low risk, high speed.”

— Rod Landers, Cofounder

Meet the Team

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Meet the Team

Ask Us About Our Project Successes

“Every project is an opportunity to create a new reality, and our chance to help you change the world.”

— Troy Pongratz, Cofounder