Your business deserves to have cost-effective solutions that makes your products smarter and delivers world-class user experiences.

Smarter products are better products.

Innovative contemporary smart industry: product design, automated production line, delivery and distribution with people, robots and machinery: industry 4.0 infographic


Providing cost-effective, best-in-class services to help companies add sensors, connectivity, and intelligence with embedded and mobile applications to products and equipment. With this visibility and knowledge, our customers now offer more effective products and services than their competitors.

A Showcase of Our Work

When a business better understands their customers, they will build better products and services for them.
We have helped companies by:
  • Optimizing entire mobile app experiences
  • Collecting and managing consumer data
  • Capturing equipment data with an intuitive dashboard
  • Preventing downtime with predictive maintenance
  • Improving equipment reliability and overall efficiency
  • Giving their customers what they want and maintaining an competitive edge

What’s Happening at the Lab

Company Outing at the MN Wild Game

Getting the team together Collaboration and teamwork are essential at Lab651, but so is having fun. Last Thursday, November 18th, the team and their significant others, children, family, etc. joined together in a Bremer Bank Suite for a fun night out. The Minnesota Wild played the Dallas Stars, and…

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