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  • Do you need a product designed that will make new data collection possible?
  • Is leadership wondering how to leverage data they have been collecting?
  • Is your team lacking a strong vision and direction on how to engage customers using data?

Here at Lab651, we believe in strategic, long-term digital solutions that help your business monetize data and create new revenue streams.

Join us in our signature workshop and reap these benefits:

Create long-term solutions

Create long-term

Identify new revenue streams

Identify new
revenue streams

Discover channels of data monetization

Discover channels of
data monetization


Get clear, actionable
next steps


Access industry experts
and their comprehensive
problem solving

When you leave this workshop, you will be confident knowing you have a comprehensive digital plan that will grow and expand with your business.

Our Latest Work


Craftsman at Sears, a top seller of tools, lawn and garden equipment, had two major challenges: low user ratings for the Craftsman Smart Lawn mobile app and limited usefulness from the app data it was collecting. Enter Lab651, experts in connected products and mobile applications.

What’s Happening at the Lab

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Lab651, where we make new things possible.

We help you by

  • Providing visibility into hidden revenue streams
  • Capturing data "from the edge"
  • Automating your data access and creating meaningful summaries of it

Industries we serve

  • Industrial, manufacturing, and medical
  • Clients dealing with refrigeration, fluid tanks, and silos
  • Shipping and logistics

How we do it

  • Create wireless technology from end to end
  • Physical and electrical component design
  • Data managing to create actionable and meaningful information